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Coalition of Communities Against Runway 17-35: -- "We think this has little negative impact on the surrounding communities.... Our objective is to reassure them there won't be a noise impact."  Charles Isdell, Director of Aviation for the City of Philadelphia

Public Statement - 09/01/05 RE: We don’t call this progress

Santorum joins others in opposing airport’s runway plan --, PA - Apr 8, 2005

Corzine's Press Release

Read Delaware's Congressional Delagation Press Release

News of Delaware County -  03/11/2005 - FAA recommends PHL airport runway extension

Public Statement - 04/12/2005 - RE: Update on Runway 17- 35

Not counting Southern New Jersey and Montgomery County, there are approximately 315,000 residents in Delaware County whose quality of life is threatened by the 17-35 Runway extension proposal at the Philadelphia International Airport. Some of our political leaders have not come out strongly against the runway extension.
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Senator Arlen Specter   fax (215) 597-0406
Congressman Jim Gerlach fax (610) 594-1419
Governor Edward G. Rendell
fax (717) 772-8284

We are asking the same commitment from these legislators as Senator Corzine of New Jersey has made to the people he represents “ Senator Corzine has stated.”serious concerns regarding the impact of this project on the health, welfare and quality of life in communities in southern New Jersey....  According to the DEIS, both runway extension alternatives are being considered first and separate from the other capacity enhancements. I believe that is a mistake as it precludes the FAA from fully considering all measures that can relieve air traffic, including those that do not impact quality of life.  I must now formally oppose this project. 

The problem is there is relatively only a very small number of people who are aware their quality of life is in danger. We are asking you to help reach out and inform the public, from Montgomery County, PA to West Deptford, NJ and gain the satisfaction of knowing you were part of a movement that successfully blocked the runway extension. We are going to need your participation if we are to be successful.

You are being provided with three pieces of information. The first is a handout that briefly explains our position. We are asking you to copy and distribute the handout to as many people as you can. Your neighbors, coworkers, pass them out at neighborhood sports events, food stores, forward the information to members in your email system, etc. If you are uncomfortable handing out literature alone, contact me and I will get you company.

The second is a detailed list of the negative affects residents living in our communities will suffer from the completion of Runway 17-35.

The third is what has to be done to get the attention of our legislators to join us in blocking the runway extension. Our political committee people are not in favor of the runway extension. Let their voices be the loudest voices in opposition to the runway extension the senators and congressmen hear.

Three points should be made to our legislators:

1-   We, the public, do not want this runway extended and have our quality of life disrupted.

2-   As Senators and Congressmen, you have the power to block the 17-35 Runway extension.

3-   We, the people, will accept no excuses for not having Runway 17-35 extension blocked.  Just do it.

Members of the coalition have worked hard to get us to this point. It is now up to all of us to work together to preserve our quality of life. Lets do it now.

1- Information/legislators names and communication information.
2- A copy of this guide.

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Lower Merion

Delaware County

Clifton Heights -- Colwyn -- Darby -- Haverford Township -- Lansdowne -- Tinicum -- Upper Darby -- Yeadon

Read comments from West Deptford, New Jersey residents

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Loud Boeing 737

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FAA funding...  Where does it come from?
The FAA was reauthorized (HR-2115) by Congress in late 2003 for 60 billion dollars to be distributed over 4 years. The bill included funding for airport expansion and National Airspace Redesign.  The FAA points runways and planes at people because federal law says it can.  How did your Senator or House member vote?  Some elected representatives actually issued yes votes for FAA Reauthorization.  Some representatives did issue no votes.  Regardless of the vote, the bill was neither written nor ammended to protect the residents of Southern New Jersey, New Castle County, DE and Delaware County, PA.

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