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Welcome to -- Delaware Noise Alert --"Calling noise a nuisance is like calling smog an inconvenience.. Noise must be considered a hazard to the health of people everywhere."   Dr. William H. Stewart, former U.S. Surgeon General.

DE Noise Alert
(Philadelphia-AP) October 10, 2003 - The Federal Aviation Administration says new air traffic patterns are about to take effect near the Philadelphia International Airport, and that could mean more airplane noise for residents of Claymont and Talleyville in northern Delaware.

Starting October 30th, about 150 daily departing flights will fly a new route over those areas. The FAA says the new route will reduce delays. The change will affect about 40 percent of the westerly departures at the airport. A consulting firm hired by the FAA says the change will raise the noise level by five decibels in Claymont and Talleyville and in Marcus Hook and Kennett Square in Pennsylvania.

Residents of northern Delaware have already complained about noise from air traffic and have been critical of a possible airport expansion plan that would put them in the path of more incoming flights.

Response to EPA Involvement

It is our hope that the EPA will also investigate the FAA "Dual Modena" routing that started October 30, 2003. This new FAA routing split 50% of west outbound air traffic from Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) over Delaware and Pennsylvania, adding daily --150 new outbound flights.

We want to know why the NY/NJ/PHL Airspace routing concepts were approved before the EIS draft was prepared?

Why was Congress briefed on Dual Modena departure in May 2003 and not the general public?

Why haven't the inbound PHL procedures over Delaware been addressed?

What about the the water routing concepts mentioned by the News Journal and the FAA website?

With new discount airlines coming to Philadelphia, what will the FAA do with the additional air traffic?

Why weren't we told about Dual Modena @ the CEP expansion meetings in August 2003?

Noise levels have increased again.

We have to live here.

Delaware Noise
This new "Dual Modena" routing  (above in blue) just compounds the  problem.  As the Delaware News Journal article below mentions, we were primarily concerned with only PHL inbound flights before October 30, 2003.  Now Delaware receives inbound air traffic 35% of the time (East operations) and outbound air traffic 65% of the time (West operations).

The FAA has approved or is currently permiting the following "piecemeal" capacity increases at PHL :

1) implementation of the Dual Modena departure patterns in October 2003;

2) extension of the smaller runway 17/35;

3) expansion of the airspace through the NY/NJ/PHL Airspace Redesign, which is an integral component of an airport expansion; and

4) addition of a parallel runway through the CEP.

The FAA continues to "piecemeal" the expansion in the skies and on the ground and fails to accurately render and display the cumulatitive impact from all these projects as a whole on the surrounding communities in Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

We welcome an FAA response.

EPA help sought on jetliner noise


Delaware's two senators have written a letter to the Environmental Protection Agency asking the agency to get involved in the Federal Aviation Administration's ongoing redesign of flight patterns at Philadelphia International Airport. Democrats Tom Carper and Joe Biden hope the EPA's involvement in the FAA's plan will mean that noise pollution created by airplanes will remain a top concern. Residents in northern New Castle County have complained for years about noise from planes landing at the airport. Many residents fear the problem could become worse because of the FAA redesign of the Philadelphia/New Jersey/New York airspace along with airport plans to redesign runways. The letter asks the EPA to act because the FAA is not making noise reduction a priority. Senators from New York and New Jersey also signed the letter because of similar noise concerns.

Posted on Fri, Oct. 10, 2003 story:PUB_DESC
FAA aims to speed air traffic
A second departure path for westbound airliners from Phila. is intended to ease bottlenecks.
By Marcia Gelbart
Inquirer Staff Writer

Contradictions… Plenty
Answers… Not Enough
October 9, 2003

If you haven't read the editorial below please do so. It answers plenty of questions concerning East operations at PHL. Every statement in the editorial is backed by research.

This editorial was released and went online the day before the FAA anounced plans for the Dual Modena Routing.

PHL-CAW press release:

The airlines save minutes..
We suffer for hours..
October 18, 2003

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