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See my favorite quote from Chicago's Mayor Daley this week. Obama needs to be force fed what it means to be a "Daley Democrat" --Paying for inner-city programs at the expense of the suburbs seems to be a endorsed at the Federal level? Just ask Ed "Convention Center" Rendell who this week (in Boston) referred to Joe Biden as Pennsylvania's "third" senator. The comments below from Daley are almost as absurd as Mayor John Street stating "In the City of Philadelphia, the brothers and sisters are in charge."

Stephen Donato

St. John's United Church of Christ, et al. v. City of Chicago, et al.

"Hold the hallelujahs, Mayor Daley"
At O'Hare signing ceremony, thanks God for right to desecrate cemeteries

"It takes a lot of chutzpah for Mayor Daley to say ‘thank God' at the signing of a piece of legislation that represents an unprecedented assault on religious liberty," Becket Fund Vice President and General Counsel Anthony Picarello said today. The Mayor's remarks were made at a ceremony at which Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich signed the "O'Hare Modernization Act," legislation that sweeps away half a dozen laws that would otherwise protect two cemeteries that are located on the airport's southeastern edge.

Daley fears flight caps at O'Hare
"Placing caps at O'Hare is very anti-competitive," Daley said. "You can't get discount airlines in here. If I don't have that, then we're going to be less competitive." "Putting caps in place kills market demand, and it really creates an environment where it limits competition," he said. City Aviation Commissioner John Roberson said caps would not only limit city revenue from landing fees and concessions, but also limit option for travelers. Daley said the long-term solution is his city's multibillion-dollar O'Hare expansion, which is still awaiting final FAA approval. "They have to move on this," Daley said. "[Runways] shouldn't take 10 years. . . . In Iraq, we can build one in a day, a week, a month."

The Suntimes has pulled the article from the Internet -- download the .pdf

Daley fears flight caps at O'Hare
What does Daley mean: "We're going to be less competitive"?!! I'll tell you what he means: We (ME and all the business people) must keep cramming the airplanes in here to move business traveler more quickly, and God forbid they be DELAYED in their rush to make more money, so We (ME) can make more money so we can buy more stuff. We need more stuff. We just got to have MORE: MORE PLANES; MORE MONEY; MORE THINGS! Caps? Caps - that's crazy. Never mind the people on the ground around the airport, or underneath the airplane approach and departure "highways". Their property values will go down, and their quality of life will be diminished, but WE will be more competitive. Dictators and occupying forces (Iraq) can build anything they want real fast - just do it! never mind who it might affect. Daley better put a cover over Chicago because eventually they (and Philadelphia) are going to choke to death on all the noise and crap they try to cram in there, and on top of surrounding communities. My bet is that Daley and the airport "executives" don't live near the airport or underneath the sky highways.

Nate Cloud
Director, Darley Civic Association
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