Why should we care about O'hare?
The first question Mr. Rizzo should ask is how the PHL Aviation Director allowed for the expansion of the terminals (billion dollars of debt) without the capacity on the runways for efficient operation? The PHL runway 17/35 extension project (streamlined review by Bush executive order) will allow regional jets to use the "under utilized" runways that just happen to point into highly populated areas of PA and NJ . This week the FAA recommended to the airlines @ O'Hare summit that they consider using larger jets that can carry more passengers and this will help to reduce delays in Chicago and through out the whole system. (Sounds good ) So if the FAA plan for Chicago is larger jets for more efficient operation then why is the current aviation director wasting our time by endorsing more regionals @ PHL? I wonder if the grand jury (last week) asked Charlie these same questions as they continue to probe the "pay-to-play" politics in the City of Philadelphia?

Stephen Donato

Read more about the slot rule: January 1999
In fact, new developments in computer technology and air traffic management systems have increased safety while making it possible to handle greater volumes of traffic more efficiently. Yet, because of the artificial constraints of the High Density Rule, O'Hare cannot fully benefit from the advances in air traffic control technology and airspace reconfiguration that enhance capacity and reduce delays. Lifting the High Density Rule at O'Hare would allow the airport to fully use its state-of-the-art airport traffic control tower and the new Elgin approach control facility, both of whichare equipped with the latest technology, to increase efficiency and further reduce delays.

Airport jam sends Rizzo into action
"Charlie says he needs a bigger, better airport," he said. But, noting a series of complaints he has heard, "I think we need to figure out first how to better operate this airport." In Rizzo's eyes, too much blame for all sorts of delay is being tagged to the fallout of Sept. 11. To dig deeper, he is calling for his own hearing on the issue later this year. State lawmakers will examine the matter as well, via a newly created commission to study the future of Philadelphia's airport as well as Pittsburgh's and Harrisburg's. "All I know," Rizzo said, "is I think Philadelphia should look at Philadelphia before the state does."

FAA Urges Fewer Flights at Crowded O'Hare
Mineta said delays at O'Hare have cost airlines $120 million. He said officials do not yet have a set formula in mind for schedule reductions, but that he figured they have about a week to come up with a solution. Mineta also said he believes airlines will try to retain their high-revenue passengers or will replace regional jets with larger airliners and said that they're looking for schedule reductions beginning in November and lasting for six months.

Fitzgerald blames mayor, airline for delays
He said United doesn't want a third regional airport because budget airlines would gain access to the Chicago market. The south suburbs would see huge economic benefits from a third airport, he said, but Daley wants to keep money in Chicago. Fitzgerald accused the Daley administration and United Airlines of creating flight delays to garner public support for the airport expansion.

Blame Chicago
It does not help that the fastest-growing airport in the country is about 15 miles south of O'Hare. Midway (Southwest country) now handles an average of 1,100 takeoffs and landings daily. Adding to the congestion are small regional jets, which now account for four out of 10 flights at O'Hare. Unlike the propeller planes they replaced, regional jets use the same runways and fly in the same airspace as bigger planes, but they carry fewer passengers.

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