SNAFU -- 2004 - but it's good for business--
The environmental reviews to extend PHL 17/35 have been fast tracked by presidential executive order. Yet the president keeps coming back to PA/NJ asking for support in this election? It gets even worse because both Curt Weldon/Mike Castle (whose electorate will be heavily impacted by PHL expansion) have the nerve to campaign for Bush stating that this president understands the needs of our communities and has the best plan to keep us safe?

Copy from the 17-35 EIS website:
"Furthermore, it appears that the Runway 17-35 Project will generate fewer environmental impacts and that the impacts will be of lesser magnitude than the impacts from the Capacity Enhancement Program. "

See Some figures from emissions at Newark:
The results indicate that while overall emissions from these facilities will remain the same or decrease due to anticipated pollution controls on ground-support and service vehicles, aircraft –induced NOx pollution, depending on the specific scenario, increase by a factor of two to three between 1992 and 2015.

Commercial aircraft comprise almost 70% of oxides of nitrogen (NOx) emissions from the total aircraft sector (commercial, military, and general aviation). They are one of the fastest growing segments of the transportation sector's regional pollutant contribution.

The Philadelphia metro area is currently rated severe-15 ozone nonattainment area.

PHL 17-35 will bring in 80,000 flights. The concentrated pollution will be greater for NJ and PA because the jets will be flying @ or below the EPA mixing level with our breathing air. This chart shows the emissions growth from an increase of "only" 50,000 flights @ EWR.

Table G-3 & G-4. 1990-2010 Commercial Aircraft Emissions (short tons/year) Variable Mixing Height—Newark (EWR):

EPA emmisions chart for EWR

Speaking of our fine representation keeping us safe…

Maybe someone should be asking our locally elected (Federal) officials about this letter (below) before election day. Do they endorse the FERC/BP proposal to bring 1000 ft LNG tankers up the Delaware River past our nations second largest nuclear complex @ Salem, NJ? Does that sound safe to you? Apparently it's not because Boston did not get it's shipment of LNG this summer during the Democratic National Convention and PSEG just filed comments with the FERC about the Nukes last week. Just one of these ships has a potential explosive yield of 55 times the Hiroshima bomb --but I guess they figure it's good for business and worth the risk to our communities. You know they can pipe this stuff from off shore --it would just cost BP more to build the pipe.

"risks would not be as great as many fear and added that several area business and industries support the proposed terminal..." Tom Mueller BP spokeman

Salem 10 mile response window.

Oct. 6, 2004, "Letter to Dept. of Energy, Secretary Spencer Abraham"
From Delaware Valley Senators Arlen Specter (PA) & Tom Carper and U.S. Congressmen Mike Castle (DE) James C. Greenwood (PA) favor increasing LNG imports. I wonder if they all support house bill HR-4413 as well that would override Delaware's Coastal Zone Act (CZA)? Read more about about the proposed LNG terminal and HR-4413 @

Coast Guard taking river security seriously?
February (2003), the FBI warned that al-Qaeda operatives "may attempt to launch conventional attacks against the U.S. nuclear/chemical-industrial infrastructure to cause contamination, disruption and terror." On the East Coast, the Philadelphia region has the highest concentration of facilities that could endanger more than a million people. Four are in Gloucester County. There is one each in Salem and Delaware Counties. Two are in Philadelphia. More than four million people - or 86 percent of the population of the eight-county region - could be exposed. PACE's recommendation: A new law, such as one proposed by Sen. Jon Corzine, D-N.J., that quickly reduces storing of the most deadly chemicals onsite, mandates new technologies that would mitigate a disaster and pushes for less lethal processes to make the products.

U.S. House shoots down recommendations of 9/11 Commission --but it's good for business.-- Weiner’s bill, which is designated H.R.5035, would have required the Secretary of Homeland Security to provide the same screening used by the airlines for all passengers and property aboard any non-airline passenger aircraft operated in the U.S. It also would have prohibited general aviation overflights of cities with populations of one million or more or within 1,500 feet of any building, and it would have required pilots to maintain continuous contact with ATC. Following the outpouring from general aviation interests, Weiner decided against offering his bill as an amendment to legislation that incorporates some of the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission. “We still want general aviation, we still want commerce, we still want transportation to go on, for that reason I didn’t offer this [amendment] today,” Weiner said.

Who Needs WMDs ?
Just hijack a jet, slam it into America's financial center and cripple the US economy. Now we are told that we can't even rely on the info. from our CIA, yet they want to double jet traffic (charge 29 dollars) and float LNG tankers past New Jersey's Salem nuclear reactors? That's pretty arrogant don't you think? Current aviation/energy policy coming out of Washington might have been very different today if that third jet had slammed into the Capitol.

Elect those who insist everybody respect the rules
The common denominators for these scandals are greed for wealth and ambition for power. It is folly to think that humans will change their nature. Therefore, it is imperative that we establish societal mechanisms to control these darker angels. Unfortunately, the protections we have are weak and failing. Executive and legislative branch office holders at the federal and local levels are beholden to powerful business interests that fund their campaigns. Regulatory bodies intended to keep a level playing field or to protect the public have been captured by the very industries they were intended to regulate....

Stephen Donato

SNAFU -- an acronym often used by soldiers in World War II: situation normal all ....
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