Thank you, Newtown Square, Delaware County --
Philadelphia International Airport
Environmental Impact Statements
Public Information Meetings
September 28, 29, and 30, 2004
Public Input Form

I am very concerned about any type of runway expansion at the Philadelphia International Airport. I can understand the need for a business to expand in order to keep up with changes and meet growing demands. However, given the nature of your business, your actions have a direct impact on a tremendous number of people…people who LIVE in the county in which you operate your business.

I believe that you must go beyond the business “bottom line”, and consider how your proposals for expansion are going to negatively affect the QUALITY of LIFE for Delaware County residents. At this point, you already have individuals who are in need of insulating their homes to void themselves of the unhealthy noise levels created by the Philadelphia International Airport. With the expansions you are proposing, this situation is only to worsen. And, to further this point, what kind of life is this for anyone…HAVING TO INSULATE YOUR HOME from outside noises. Imagine living with a noise level so intense that you cannot keep your windows open, you cannot entertain family and friends outside during the warm months or play with your children in the yard, and you have to maintain indoor electronic devices at higher than normal levels just to compensate for the noise that leaks into your home (and, imagine the damage this could cause someone’s auditory functions). If that is not enough, imagine not being able to escape from this hell because you are unable to sell your home because no one would want to live in such a location…I seriously doubt anyone from the panel.

Outside of the noise factor, there is always the danger associated with air traffic. No mode of transportation is without risk of accident. Neighborhoods that fall within a flight pattern have the constant worry that at some point in time a plane could crash down onto THEIR ground. With your expansion proposals, you are further increasing the risk of these same neighborhoods as well as additional neighborhoods. And, statistics prove that if you increase a situation (air traffic), the possible outcome of that situation (airplane accidents) will increase as well. Try thinking of that as you tuck your small child or grandchild into their bed at night.

In addition to the possibility of an accident, is the increase in the air pollution levels. We already have residents who suffer serious health problems associated with our poor pair quality. If we increase the air traffic, we will not only add to the deteroration of health for these individuals, but we will ultimately create new health problems for more of our residents.

Please consider the residents of Delaware County. This may be a place where you conduct business, but it is a HOME to so many. This is where we live, where we raise our families, and it is not fair to rob anyone of quality of life…

Thank you,
Newtown Square
Delaware County

Cc: Congressman Curt Weldon
Senator Arlen Spector
Senator Rick Santorum
Senator Edwin Erickson
Representative Thomas Gannon
Representative Tom Killion

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