It just seems like hell !! ---
Average 10 percent reduction in airline fares from PHL and the employees get rewarded for their hard work with a 21 percent court ordered pay cut? I wonder what Ed "convention center" Rendell thinks about the "success" of this airport at the expense of (PIT) and the communities surrounding PHL? I am betting my money on --that Rendell is thinking about how he will defend the charges of voter fraud (at PA prisons) and controversy over absentee ballot deadline for overseas soldiers. GOP (Santorum) might also want to "investigate" why the "Demander and Chief" did not do so well in PA on November 2nd?

Speaking of prisons see comments from Tinicum resident via email this week:
Last year their plan was to shrink each exterior wall by 2" of sound-proofing and put in air tight windows with a electric ventilator. I guess if the power goes out it is OK w/ them that we would suffocate.... Still sounds like punishment. There is a meeting this week about the sound insulation program on November 10th you may want to go.

"Ding" -- "I never give them hell. I just tell the truth and they think it's hell." - Harry Truman

Stephen Donato

Machinists: US Air offer ‘atrocious’
By KRISTIN SMITH, 10/27/2004
TINICUM -- Minutes after calling a US Airways proposed contract "absolutely atrocious" Tuesday morning, Bob Boland, president of the machinists union, ripped up the proposal and threw it into the air to a round of applause from hundreds of union members.

'We were lied to,' say airport officials
Wednesday, November 03, 2004
By Dan Fitzpatrick, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
In the bankruptcy documents filed yesterday, the airport authority asked Alexandria, Va., bankruptcy judge Stephen Mitchell to ensure that Pittsburgh International Airport has "adequate notice" if US Airways decides to reject its leases again. It also wants US Airways to decide on any rejected leases by Jan. 20, instead of the April 30 deadline requested by US Airways. The judge will consider both requests Tuesday.

Airfares Down at PHL Airport; Southwest a Likely Factor -- KYW Newsradio 1060am
I worked in the travel business for many years, before I went to law school, and I'll tell you this: most people don't care if the airline is staffed by galley slaves who subsist on gruel and work in shackles, so long as they get a cheap airfare. They don't care if every take-off from Philadelphia International Airport kills a puppy in Tinicum, so long as they get their discount. They didn't even care all that much about their own personal safety. The same people who would spend extraordinary amounts of money on Volvos would think nothing of driving to Atlantic City to board an antiquated rust bucket, to save a hundred bucks. So I think your concerns about Southwest, while justified, aren't going anywhere. For some reason people think they have a God-given right to cheap airfares, and they don't care what it takes to get them.

I don't know enough about the science and engineering to be able to address this intelligently -- that's Mike Levin's domain -- but I think the best course of action is to look for an alternative that's a win-win for everyone, maybe a way to position the runway so the planes come in and go out over the water, or to schedule aircraft so that this runway isn't needed at all. Again, I don't know enough to say, but I have to wonder if there isn't an alternative out there somewhere. I think it's the tendency of government, when faced with a problem, to just throw money at it, and maybe that's what we're dealing with here. They'd
rather build an extraordinarily expensive runway than look for a cheaper, more environmentally sound, less onerous solution.

P.S. Don't count on the unions' anti-Southwest sentiment to back you up here. I am sure they are looking at some pretty nice jobs with the runway project, and they'll generally take the bird in the hand and the short-term gain.
Wonder if the rich executives took a pay cut?
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Editorial : No Change In Airnoise --
By FAA definition, we do not have a noise problem... Like other Federal agencies, the FAA is beyond control. Unless and until Mr Castle, Mr Carper, and Mr Biden get together enough support to withhold significant funds from the FAA, they will ignore us. | The Brandywine Community News, DE - April 7, 2003

Residents Ask FAA For More Information --
Gail Van Gilder, of Delaware Greenways, said the FAA already has their minds made up to approve the expansion. She said they need to answer questions from an air noise study conducted in December 2001.| The Brandywine Community News, DE - August 23, 2003

Editorial : Philly’s Airport ; Delaware County’s Problem--
It’s called Philadelphia International Airport, but, truth be told, Delaware County has greater claim to the name. | The Delaware County Times, PA - Mar 10, 2004

West Deptford residents raise noise over runway expansion --
Most homes would be impacted by the noise and air pollution. During the FAA reauthorization last year, Lautenberg and the NJ delegation...

Cheap Air Fares Land In Philly -
It's summer, it's humid and you have vacation days to spare. You're ready for a getaway but, unfortunately, your wallet isn't. Out of luck? ...| The Delaware County Times, PA - Mar 8, 2004

In Depth: Proposed changes at Philadelphia International may have a far-reaching impact on Delco. -
The study into the possible expansion of Philadelphia International Airport may still be in its formative stages, but that doesn’t prevent the controversy surrounding such an idea to continue to evolve. | The Delaware County Times, PA - Feb 23, 2004

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