They haven't a prayer --
By sea and by air... As you all know the operations at PHL already heavily impact communities in PA, NJ, DE and the plan is to bring in more jets. In an effort to mitigate the impact to the surrounding communities FAA has utilized the Delaware River for departures leaving in the west bound direction. See graphic below -- jets in red are outbound over river.


"When you look at the big picture, a project like this makes sense not just for New Jersey but for the region." Tom Mueller, BP Spokesperson

The proposed location for BP's 500 million dollar LNG plant is Logan, NJ. It is just 10 short miles from the airport's main runway. What is the FAA going to do with the traffic it currently sends down the river when the LNG tankers are docked off loading 33 million gallons of LNG three times a week? Jet traffic will be forced off the river (for security concerns) and what will the impact be to the surrounding communities in Gloucester and Delaware Counties? Why has not the US Department of Transportation filed to intervene like PSEG did regarding the Nuclear Reactors in Salem, NJ? We would like an answer.. Please tell us Mr. Mineta?

This is another facility that will impact us all for many, many years. And now the FERC may have final say where these LNG plants are located. This issue is about the federal government and how they can abuse power and usurp control of the state and local governments. Sound familiar? We need clean energy supplies just like we need aviation... however, these facilities are dangerous and need to be located away from people just like airports.

Stephen Donato


From Boothwyn, PA --Thank you sincerely, Your constituents
I am in my den, with the windows closed and can hear the constant drone. A few weeks ago we were able to reach the FAA in Jamaica, NY and spoke to their representative concerning this. He informed us the FAA recommends thatflights over are area be at about 3000 feet; but, this is up to the airline and the airport and suggested we contact them. He also told us about the BrandywineIntercept issue and the politicians and homeowner groups involved in attempting to change this pattern. He volunteered, “They haven't a prayer.”

Campaign contributions Jersey style
LNG Community Focus -
At the end of this document is a list of specific contributions made to NJ State Assemblyman John Burzichelli, NJ State Senator Stephen Sweeney and NJ State Assemblyman Douglas Fisher. It is important to note that all of these elected officials are in favor of BP's proposed LNG import terminal in Logan Township NJ.

Corzine: LNG terminal is key
The Gloucester County Times, NJ - Mar 28, 2005
U.S. Rep. Robert Andrews, D-1st Dist., of Haddon Heights, said he remains undecided about the plan but added rhetoric needs to be cooled down between the two states before progress can be made...Andrews added the environmental effects and security of the LNG terminal remain key but unresolved issues. But he said the rhetoric between the two states, notably calls by state Assemblyman John Burzichelli to boycott all credit cards issued in Delaware, needs to calm down. "The border dispute needs to be de-emphasized," Andrews said.

The Domestic Supply and Cost for the Approaching Peak Winter Months
Wednesday, October 6 2004 - Testimony of Ms. Wenonah Hauter
..Both the CFTC and FERC have been negligent in policing these markets effectively. Traders operating on exchanges like NYMEX are required to disclose details of their trades to federal regulators. But traders in OTC exchanges are not required to disclose such information, allowing energy companies, investment banks and hedge funds to escape federal oversight and more easily engage in manipulation strategies... In addition, investment banks—led by Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley—have already firmly established themselves as dominant players in natural gas trading. Given the sheer size and political muscle behind these hedge funds and investment banks, greater transparency over their actions is needed now more than ever.

Air Security Agency Faces Reduced Role
Washington Post Staff Writer Friday, April 8, 2005; Page A01
Last week, momentum accelerated in the push to replace federal screeners with private contractors at the nation's airports. FirstLine Transportation Security, a Cleveland-area private security firm, became the first company to win approval for liability coverage under the SAFETY Act, which means that if the firm takes over checkpoints, claims will be capped in the event of a terrorist attack. The move clears a major hurdle in the return of private screening companies.

Afraid of the Dock -- The Gloucester County Times, NJ - Mar 28, 2005
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The study into the possible expansion of Philadelphia International Airport may still be in its formative stages, but that doesn’t prevent the controversy surrounding such an idea to continue to evolve. | The Delaware County Times, PA - Feb 23, 2004

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