Politics As Usual? PHL-CEP meetings have been scheduled.
Why has the FAA scheduled CEP meetings in Paulsboro instead of a New Jersey community that will be impacted directly by the proposed CEP flight paths? Public officials from West Deptford and some members of the New Jersey Congressional Delegation have gone on the record and stated that rather than extend runway 17-35 a better use of tax dollars would be to build a third runway along the Delaware River. In other words, let Camden County, northern Delaware, and southeastern Pennsylvania absorb the worst of the impact.

Jets over South Jersey
Notice the dual arrival tracks over Chester, PA. Voted "Toxic Town, USA" by George Magazine 1998

The proposed blocking of federal funding for the 17-35 extension would only be a political victory for NJ politicians. According to the 17-35 FEIS, even if the extension is not built, West Deptford, NJ and other Gloucester County residents will still have to endure over 66,000 low flying Philadelphia bound aircraft in 2007. Noise reduction via airspace redesign and slot controls at PHL will be the only way residents of the region will get any relief from low altitude air traffic and reduce the chronic airfield delays.

See comments sent recently to NJCAAN via email from Camden County, NJ resident..
"I live in Medford, NJ which is at least twenty miles from the nearest major airport. Yet, my quality of life is significantly impacted by aircraft noise. I don't understand why commercial airliners must fly at such low altitudes this far away from the airport and why so many planes are routed over my town (most seem to be turning north right over my house)? ... I plan to launch a campaign against aircraft noise in my area- can you provide some suggestions as to the most effective way of going about this?"


The Federal Aviation Administration will conduct five public meetings on the airport runway project, all from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m.

Sept. 21, Brandywine High School, 1400 Foulk Rd., Wilmington

Sept. 22, Ridley Community Center auditorium, 801 Morton Ave., Folsom

Sept. 27, Paulsboro High School auditorium, 670 N. Delaware St., Paulsboro

Sept. 28, Tinicum School gymnasium, 91 Seneca St., Essington

Sept. 29, Eastwick at the Meadows, 6630 Lindbergh Blvd., Philadelphia

Trading Human Health For Profit
by Nicole L. Warren, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Welcome to "Toxic Town USA", formally known as Chester, Pennsylvania (Offman 1998). This Delaware County community, fifteen miles outside of Philadelphia, suffers from one of the many cases of environmental injustice, found in poor minority communities throughout the world. Traditionally, as Environmental Ethics editor Eugene Hargrove notes, environmentalism has focused on "environmentalists concerns, and these have not included concerns about human welfare" (Westra ix). The attention was given to protecting natural species and system, neglecting how toxic environments affected humans.

Wildlife Refuge Causes Philadelphia Airport to Change Plans --
The Airline Cartel needs to explain to the citizens:

A) How much additional revenue they will make based on the their current operational practice and the increase expected as a result of adding runways and flights; and how much of this revenue will add to the profit and salaries of executives.

B1) How much pollution will be added to the environment -
especially under and around concentrated flight paths (highways in thesky). and what is the economic impact of possible deterioration in public health due to the pollution.

B2) The current and future noise levels (average dba and as a
function of frequency) especially under the sky highways, and the
economic impact of the possible psychological and physical
deterioration of citizens subject to the noise imposed upon them (with
little recourse)

B3) The current and future safety risk levels for citizens on the
ground living under sky highways which concentrate flight operations over certain communities - raising the statistical risk of death or injury due to a possible crash. (Practice of "Stacking" incoming planes far out over communities and then flying nose to tail at low altitude over certain communities; and practice of taking off from parallel runways in close proximity to each other).

B4) The potential reduction in property values due to the above negative potential across the thousands of residents subject to the above as more and more perations are crammed into a relatively fixed capital resource. Citizens of the United States subject to these conditions need to understand and participate in the decision process leading to determination of the fair resolution in the trade-off analysis between 'A' and 'B'. Is it worth it, and who benefits and who loses?

What's the long range health and well being impact on citizens? I
haven't heard one clear explanation of this re; the above issues, other
than the ridiculous statement that the FAA declares that noise is
"not a problem"! Where do those people live?

Your questions can be asked, not necessarily accurately answered, during the local environmental process (EIS).

Jack Saporito, President
The American Working Group for National Policy
Executive Director, The Alliance of Residents Concerning O'Hare
Board member, Mothers Against Airport Pollution
Past-president, US-Citizens Aviation Watch Association (1997-2002)
POB 1702
Arlington Hts., IL 60006-1702
Phone: (630) 415-3370
Fax: (847) 506-0202
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