SNAFU -- 2004 - but it's good for business--
The environmental reviews to extend PHL 17/35 have been fast tracked by presidential executive order. Yet the president keeps coming back to PA/NJ asking for support in this election? It gets even worse because both Curt Weldon/Mike Castle (whose electorate will be heavily impacted by PHL expansion) have the nerve to campaign for Bush stating that this president understands the needs of our communities and has the best plan to keep us safe?

Copy from the 17-35 EIS website:
"Furthermore, it appears that the Runway 17-35 Project will generate fewer environmental impacts and that the impacts will be of lesser magnitude than the impacts from the Capacity Enhancement Program. "

See Some figures from emissions at Newark:
The results indicate that while overall emissions from these facilities will remain the same or decrease due to anticipated pollution controls on ground-support and service vehicles, aircraft –induced NOx pollution, depending on the specific scenario, increase by a factor of two to three between 1992 and 2015.

Commercial aircraft comprise almost 70% of oxides of nitrogen (NOx) emissions from the total aircraft sector (commercial, military, and general aviation). They are one of the fastest growing segments of the transportation sector's regional pollutant contribution.

The Philadelphia metro area is currently rated severe-15 ozone nonattainment area.

PHL 17-35 will bring in 80,000 flights. The concentrated pollution will be greater for NJ and PA because the jets will be flying @ or below the EPA mixing level with our breathing air. This chart shows the emissions growth from an increase of "only" 50,000 flights @ EWR.

Table G-3 & G-4. 1990-2010 Commercial Aircraft Emissions (short tons/year) Variable Mixing Height—Newark (EWR):

EPA emmisions chart for EWR

Speaking of our fine representation keeping us safe…

Maybe someone should be asking our locally elected (Federal) officials about this letter (below) before election day. Do they endorse the FERC/BP proposal to bring 1000 ft LNG tankers up the Delaware River past our nations second largest nuclear complex @ Salem, NJ? Does that sound safe to you? Apparently it's not because Boston did not get it's shipment of LNG this summer during the Democratic National Convention and PSEG just filed comments with the FERC about the Nukes last week. Just one of these ships has a potential explosive yield of 55 times the Hiroshima bomb --but I guess they figure it's good for business and worth the risk to our communities. You know they can pipe this stuff from off shore --it would just cost BP more to build the pipe.

"risks would not be as great as many fear and added that several area business and industries support the proposed terminal..." Tom Mueller BP spokeman

Salem 10 mile response window.

Oct. 6, 2004, "Letter to Dept. of Energy, Secretary Spencer Abraham"
From Delaware Valley Senators Arlen Specter (PA) & Tom Carper and U.S. Congressmen Mike Castle (DE) James C. Greenwood (PA) favor increasing LNG imports. I wonder if they all support house bill HR-4413 as well that would override Delaware's Coastal Zone Act (CZA)? Read more about about the proposed LNG terminal and HR-4413 @

Coast Guard taking river security seriously?
February (2003), the FBI warned that al-Qaeda operatives "may attempt to launch conventional attacks against the U.S. nuclear/chemical-industrial infrastructure to cause contamination, disruption and terror." On the East Coast, the Philadelphia region has the highest concentration of facilities that could endanger more than a million people. Four are in Gloucester County. There is one each in Salem and Delaware Counties. Two are in Philadelphia. More than four million people - or 86 percent of the population of the eight-county region - could be exposed. PACE's recommendation: A new law, such as one proposed by Sen. Jon Corzine, D-N.J., that quickly reduces storing of the most deadly chemicals onsite, mandates new technologies that would mitigate a disaster and pushes for less lethal processes to make the products.

U.S. House shoots down recommendations of 9/11 Commission --but it's good for business.-- Weiner’s bill, which is designated H.R.5035, would have required the Secretary of Homeland Security to provide the same screening used by the airlines for all passengers and property aboard any non-airline passenger aircraft operated in the U.S. It also would have prohibited general aviation overflights of cities with populations of one million or more or within 1,500 feet of any building, and it would have required pilots to maintain continuous contact with ATC. Following the outpouring from general aviation interests, Weiner decided against offering his bill as an amendment to legislation that incorporates some of the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission. “We still want general aviation, we still want commerce, we still want transportation to go on, for that reason I didn’t offer this [amendment] today,” Weiner said.

Who Needs WMDs ?
Just hijack a jet, slam it into America's financial center and cripple the US economy. Now we are told that we can't even rely on the info. from our CIA, yet they want to double jet traffic (charge 29 dollars) and float LNG tankers past New Jersey's Salem nuclear reactors? That's pretty arrogant don't you think? Current aviation/energy policy coming out of Washington might have been very different today if that third jet had slammed into the Capitol.

Elect those who insist everybody respect the rules
The common denominators for these scandals are greed for wealth and ambition for power. It is folly to think that humans will change their nature. Therefore, it is imperative that we establish societal mechanisms to control these darker angels. Unfortunately, the protections we have are weak and failing. Executive and legislative branch office holders at the federal and local levels are beholden to powerful business interests that fund their campaigns. Regulatory bodies intended to keep a level playing field or to protect the public have been captured by the very industries they were intended to regulate....

Stephen Donato

SNAFU -- an acronym often used by soldiers in World War II: situation normal all ....
  Thank you, Newtown Square, Delaware County --
Philadelphia International Airport
Environmental Impact Statements
Public Information Meetings
September 28, 29, and 30, 2004
Public Input Form

I am very concerned about any type of runway expansion at the Philadelphia International Airport. I can understand the need for a business to expand in order to keep up with changes and meet growing demands. However, given the nature of your business, your actions have a direct impact on a tremendous number of people…people who LIVE in the county in which you operate your business.

I believe that you must go beyond the business “bottom line”, and consider how your proposals for expansion are going to negatively affect the QUALITY of LIFE for Delaware County residents. At this point, you already have individuals who are in need of insulating their homes to void themselves of the unhealthy noise levels created by the Philadelphia International Airport. With the expansions you are proposing, this situation is only to worsen. And, to further this point, what kind of life is this for anyone…HAVING TO INSULATE YOUR HOME from outside noises. Imagine living with a noise level so intense that you cannot keep your windows open, you cannot entertain family and friends outside during the warm months or play with your children in the yard, and you have to maintain indoor electronic devices at higher than normal levels just to compensate for the noise that leaks into your home (and, imagine the damage this could cause someone’s auditory functions). If that is not enough, imagine not being able to escape from this hell because you are unable to sell your home because no one would want to live in such a location…I seriously doubt anyone from the panel.

Outside of the noise factor, there is always the danger associated with air traffic. No mode of transportation is without risk of accident. Neighborhoods that fall within a flight pattern have the constant worry that at some point in time a plane could crash down onto THEIR ground. With your expansion proposals, you are further increasing the risk of these same neighborhoods as well as additional neighborhoods. And, statistics prove that if you increase a situation (air traffic), the possible outcome of that situation (airplane accidents) will increase as well. Try thinking of that as you tuck your small child or grandchild into their bed at night.

In addition to the possibility of an accident, is the increase in the air pollution levels. We already have residents who suffer serious health problems associated with our poor pair quality. If we increase the air traffic, we will not only add to the deteroration of health for these individuals, but we will ultimately create new health problems for more of our residents.

Please consider the residents of Delaware County. This may be a place where you conduct business, but it is a HOME to so many. This is where we live, where we raise our families, and it is not fair to rob anyone of quality of life…

Thank you,
Newtown Square
Delaware County

Cc: Congressman Curt Weldon
Senator Arlen Spector
Senator Rick Santorum
Senator Edwin Erickson
Representative Thomas Gannon
Representative Tom Killion

  Ground Control to Mr. Weldon... Please come in...
My job is bigger than Delaware County," Weldon said recently, "because the economic development of this county is not based on what I used to do when I was a county commissioner, and that is throw public money at companies to subsidize their land or subsidize their workers. Every county can do that. That’s not the way you grow an economy."

Gee, I wonder if any other (federal, state and locally) elected officials feel the same way about representing their electorate? -- "My job is bigger than Delaware County".

We hear you loud and clear !! Let's hope Senators Specter and Santorum do not respond in the same way to the letter below.

Stephen Donato

Election 2004: Weldon faces dual challenge in 7th District
  From Boothwyn --Thank you sincerely. Your constituents---

This letter is being sent to both Senator Santorum and Specter from concerned residents in Boothwyn, Pennsylvania.

Boothwyn, PA 19061
October 23, 2004

Honorable Arlen Specter
United States Senate
600 Arch Street, Suite 9400
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Dear Senator Specter;

We know you are aware of the, ever increasing, problem of airplane noise and pollution occurring over heavily residential areas. However, we want to share our experience with the mysteriously dramatic and unconscionable increase of such that has become the norm over the past several months, and ask for your help in this matter.

We moved here about 6 years ago, to be close to our daughter and grandchildren who live in North Wilmington. Being about 11 miles from Philadelphia International Airport we expected and accepted that flight patterns would be occasionally overhead. It was not a problem as for the most part they were flying at about 2500 to 3500 feet. Then, starting (at least to our cognizance) about early spring we became increasingly disturbed by flights coming in so low that we could see the windows and letters (we would estimate as low as about 800 feet). Now, this is occurring frequently with planes one after another on the same path at 1 1/2 minute intervals, day and night. We can no longer enjoy sitting outside. We often cannot even talk to each other without being drowned out by the engine roar. It is 11:52 a.m. I am in my den, with the windows closed and can hear the constant drone.

A few weeks ago we were able to reach the FAA in Jamaica, NY and spoke to their representative concerning this. He informed us the FAA recommends that flights over are area be at about 3000 feet; but, this is up to the airline and the airport and suggested we contact them. He also told us about the Brandywine Intercept issue and the politicians and homeowner groups involved in attempting to change this pattern. He volunteered, “They haven’t a prayer.” At his suggestion we have called the Philadelphia International Airport Noise Information Line a number of times. It is a message machine. They have yet to call us back. I wonder if the low altitude pattern is somehow saving the airlines gas?


Is there anything you can and will do to help? Can we assist you in this endeavor? Or, is the situation futilely in the hands of big business and big government and we should resign ourselves to moving away? Your response and guidance will be most appreciated.

Thank you sincerely. Your constituents,
  How Haverford Township will be affected by the 17-35 Airport Runway Extension-

1-Noise Pollution. We already have a noise pollution problem. Some of our residents have been contacting our legislators complaining about the noise created by aircraft. One of our residents spoke at the FAA meeting and said he and his wife could not have a normal conversation because of the noise pollution. During last months FAA meeting a member of their committee stated the decibel levels in Haverford Township could increase 5 decibels or more. Planes have to fly at 2,000 feet above ground in order to prepare for the landing approach.

2- Air Pollution. The number of additional flights and the larger aircraft flying overhead will distribute large amounts of air pollution to our community. Don’t we have enough air pollution in our community without flying more in from the airport?

3-Increase in Air traffic. Airport traffic increased 14% this year. Don’t you think the Airport will try to do even better next year?

4-Safety Concerns. These aircraft are going to be flying over our community, including our schools. With an increase in aircraft there is an increase in the possibility of a crash. Are our fire and police departments trained for such an incident? Do they have the proper equipment to handle a catastrophe?

5-Loss in Home Value. The resale value of our homes and businesses will decrease.

6-Less income to the Township. The drop in property values will mean a decrease in tax flow to the Township. Will this mean we will have our taxes increased?

We are not aware of Haverford Township gaining any benefits from the extension.

We need all five of our legislators to contact the FAA opposing the runway expansion.

The legislators appearing at the bottom of the page have not decided if they favor the Airport 17-35 Runway Extension or the welfare of the people who live in Haverford Township. Please contact them and ask them to support what is best for our community
by posting their opposition letter to the FAA on their Web site.

The Honorable Arlen Specter
United States Senate
600 Arch Street, Suite 9400
Philadelphia, Pa. 19106
(215) 597-7200

The Honorable Rick Santorum
United States Senate
Widener Bldg., Suite 960
Philadelphia, Pa. 19107
(215) 864-6900 Fax: (215) 864-6910

The Honorable Curt Weldon
Representative in Congress
1554 Garrett Road
Upper Darby, Pa. 19082
(610) 259-0700

The Honorable Greg Vitali
State Representative
1001 East Darby Road
Havertown, Pa. 19083
(610) 789-3900 Fax: (717) 560-4197

The following is a list of our legislators, and other groups, which sent letters of opposition to the FAA:

State Senator Connie Williams

Haverford Township Commissioners have forwarded letters to the FAA and all our federal legislators.

H.T. League of Woman Voters

Haverford Township Coalition of Communities against Runway 17-35.

Team Leader—Sal Ferraro

Please Contact ALL the legislators and ask that they support our movement and forward a copy of their FAA opposition letter to your team leader.
  NJCAAN/PHL-CAW Action Items-FAA's use of RTCA as an Advisory Committee ---
Request from our Senators and Congressmen to inquire from the FAA why it did not implement the recommendations from the 2000 OIG DOT audit titled "FAA's Use of RTCA, Inc. as an Advisory Committee".

Report Highlights:
In 2000, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) of the Department of Transportation reviewed the FAA's use of the RTCA as an advisory committee. The OIG used the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) as the basis of the audit titled "FAA's Use of RTCA, Inc. as an Advisory Committee" dated May 15, 2000.

The OIG made several recommendations including:
--Publish meeting minutes and other reports reviewed at closed meetings for public review; --Committee recommendations should flow through the committee deliberations process and not directly to the agency outside of the public eye.

The FAA concurred with the report's findings but has failed to implement the report's recommendations for the NY/NJ/PHL Airspace Redesign Project and we assume other projects as well. An audit summary is attached to this email and the audit Internet link is listed below.

FAA's Use of RTCA as an Advisory Committee audit Internet link:

From our research the FAA has provided detailed modeling to the aviation industry via RTCA and has relied heavily industry input to make policy descisons. The aviation industry also has participated in the development of the redesign through the RTCA Free Flight Select Committee. The committee has acted as an advisory panel for the FAA and had detailed access to redesign modeling and FAA software and technology selection. The Airspace Working Group of the RTCA's Free Flight Select committee worked on the development and provided modeling recommendations to the FAA on four proposals and has undertaken effort to develop a fifth proposal. The Free Flight Select Committee, was chaired by Roger Wall of Federal Express, and consisted of aviation industry and FAA members, and was closed to the public. The committee was retired in June 2004 when a new committee, the RTCA Air Traffic Management Advisory Committee, was formed. The new committee is headed by Russ Chew, chief operating officer of the FAA's Air Traffic Organization.

DOT Inspector General
P.O. Box 23178
Washington DC
Tel: 1-800-424-9071 (toll free)
or 202-366-1461 (toll).
Fax: 202-366-7749.

1) We are demanding strong congressional oversight
File a complaint regarding the FAA's failure to implement the recommendation of the audit directly to the Inspector General at the address provided at the end of this summary. Please include the following outline.

2) Lowest cost procedures violation of NEPA -we are tired of taking abuse from an industry that polices itself.
Did the heavy industry participation affect capital investment decisions (FAA use/non selection of technology LAAS/MLS in favor of ILS). Could it be that the heavy industry participation in this type of project (airspace redesign/software selection) has shelved the use of technology that would reduce the need for airport expansion, controversial environmental permitting (Sea-Tac) and runway projects like PHL 17-35?

3) 2001 Mitre Airport Capacity Benchmarks
It is also our belief that the 2001 Mitre Airport Capacity Benchmarks for PHL were "enhanced" in order to sell congress on the funding required for the airspace redesign and the first FAA installation of STARS @ PHL. FAA knew (in fact) that it could not take PHL over 500,000 operations (becuse of heavy delay) without major airfield modifications since 1991. Yet claimed in 2001 with no new runway plans (publicly) announced that they (FAA) could increase capacity @ PHL by 11% and 17% with only airspace and control systems upgrades?

The FAA must have forgotten to mention (to congress) the 40 million dollars and that a presidential executive order was required to extend 17-35 in order to achieve the 2001 benchmark figures. Do you really think the motivation for PHL/FAA to spend money on a Part 150 Noise Compatibility Study in 2001 was to aquire federal funding for Tinucum/Eastwick noise relief? The 1991 PHL Capacity Enhancement Study specifically mentions that Part 150 study would be required before any EIS could be conducted to study impacts from a 17/35 extension project.

4) May 5, 2003: Quarterly Update To Congress --Dual Modena --
Investigate --did FAA have advance knowledge and did industry (any use of RTCA) motivation call for these new procedures in order to prepare the airspace for the arrival of Southwest Airlines, the US Airways pull out from Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) and the extension of 17-35 at PHL ? --You know the 80,000 additional flights that will have no impact on the region?

5) Northern Utah Airspace Initiative
Investigate the motivation for Northern Utah Airspace Initiative (use of RTCA) and any prior knowledge of Delta's announced pull out of operations from Dallas/Fort Worth (by FAA) as part of Delta's financial restructuring plan. (I can hear the shredders now)

"The controllers are not having a problem, the pilots are not having a problem and therefore we do not have a problem.. So let's not try to solve a problem that doesn't exist... the FAA is overly optimistic about air traffic growth at the airport.
Tim Campbell, Salt Lake City Department of Airport's director
January 6, 2004

Rumor has it that Delta's pullout from Dallas will allow Southwest to start low fare service and fly direct to New York, Los Angeles, Chicago or dozens of other major U.S. cities (can't from LUV) . It's this pesky federal law thing that restricts access for them now. That could change quickly if Southwest or Jet Blue expands to nearby Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW), where financially troubled Delta Air Lines is abandoning gates and dropping most of its flights by February pulling back to Salt Lake City --adding more flights like USAIR @ PHL. You know Chapter 11 and restructuring does not have to be so bad....

"Ding" Airline union breaking coming soon to an airport near you..
Maybe we should ask the airline workers how they feel about court ordered USAIR pay cuts or United using underfunded pensions (via the bankruptcy courts) as bargaining chips to maintain artificially low airfares that keeps flight demand up despite inflation, rising fuel and security costs? This plan would be brilliant except that it undermines the economic welfare of working class employees and the communities surrounding airports impacted by (lowest cost) scorched earth FAA/airline environmental policy. Oh yes, I almost forgot, please don't get me started on judges making decisions again or what congress is going to do about the bail out of the pension funds. I also want to know what does a dedicated funding source for SEPTA really mean? Those rants are for another day --can't wait to read the Commerce Committee testimony regarding the pensions.

Please consider in any correspondences to include that NJCAAN/PHL-CAW is very interested in reviewing all information and reports between the FAA and the RTCA and its subgroups with regard to the NY/NJ/PHL Airspace Redesign Project, Northern Utah Airspace Initiative and the PHL Runway 17-35 Extension Project.

Can FAA Salvage Its IT Disaster?
By David F. Carr and Edward Cone April 8, 2002
Memphis was a key test-site before URET's national rollout began in late 2001. One early beneficiary: Federal Express, the package delivery firm, which uses Memphis as its main hub for receiving, sorting and resending packages destined for all parts of the United States. With the new URET system, all FedEx planes get optimal routes. The freight shipper runs 130 planes a night out of Memphis. Ninety have standard, "most-efficient'' routes. The other 40 now get fast routes designed by URET, where only a handful got assistance before. "The staffing is minimal on the midnight shift, but the box-haulers want to go as far down the road as they can on a direct path," says Memphis-based air traffic controller Phillip Hardee. The fewer en route course changes, the quicker and cheaper the flight. (I wonder, do you think Fedex jets hold 3000 ft. when crossing thru BWINE?)

Union Conflict Leaves FAA Seeing STARS
By David F. Carr April 9, 2002
Online exclusive: Protests by the controllers union set development of the agency's Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System (STARS) back by four years. The FAA's (STARS) project echoes those corporate ERP war stories in which the benefits of a packaged software purchase prove elusive because of the need to customize it to match the organization's existing operations.

Federal Aviation Administration
Headquarters: 800 Independence Avenue,
S.W., Washington, D.C. 20591
Phone: (202) 366-4000

U.S. Federal agency overseeing civil aviation, including air traffic control and airports.

Top Technology Executives:
Steve Zaidman, Associate Administrator for Research and Acquisitions; Dan Mehan, Chief Information Officer

$14.2 billion (FY 2002 budget)

Modernize air traffic control despite lengthy inability to upgrade systems effectively

Baseline Goals:
Deploy new terminal area control system without exceeding revised $1.4 billion budget Reduce airplane delays from 253 per 100,000 departures, to no more than 171.

Cut the number of fatalities from 3.7 in every 10 million departures, to no more than 1 Reduce the errors controllers make to no more than 5 in every 1 million maneuvers they manage, from 7.3 [ I guess anything is an improvement after 2001 and 9-11]
  Campaign Extra! ---
What is going on in New Jersey, Delaware and in Pennsylvania? Read all about PHL “reality” and how it will impact the many races this fall in the Philadelphia region @ Want some dirt? We got that too. Read all about Fedex's Roger Wall and the RTCA's Free Flight Select Committee (thanks to NJCAAN) and about how Reps. Weldon and Castle sold out their electorates last year during the FAA reauthorization. Think they deserve 2 more years?

Kerry Specter Working for Families.

We all thought the the GOP was about local control for the states? Maybe someone should remind them --Specter, [Kerry is now GOP ?] and Bush as well? The Delaware politicians should not be worried about the guy from Trenton that just moved in next door –the text should have read --ask the guy who just moved in from Drexel Hill!! Stay tuned we will posting more maps and info. on how we are organizing in NJ, DE, PA.

All politics is local.

Stephen Donato

Delaware -- It's up for grabs, and no one cares.
By Josh Levin --Slate -MSN
Posted Friday, Oct. 15, 2004, at 8:45 AM PT
If you want to figure out where the First State's headed now, ask the guy from Trenton who just moved in next door.

Haverford joins chorus against runway project
The Daily Times - Oct 17 , 2004
HAVERFORD -- Residents at the October board of commissioners meeting sent out a call-to-action to halt the proposed expansion of Runway 17-35 at Philadelphia International Airport. Sal Ferraro urged all concerned about the impact of "more and larger aircraft flying over our community" to contact local legislators -- state Sen. Connie Williams, state Rep. Greg Vitali, U.S. Rep. Curt Weldon and Senators Arlen Spector and Rick Santorum -- asking them to take a stand against the project.

Good times over for US Airways' crew
Philadelphia Inquirer PA - Oct 17 , 2004
A 26-year employee wonders if pay cuts will leave enough to sustain her family.
In the cozy world of the Philadelphia International Airport - a mishmash of strangers to travelers, but a close-knit community to its workers ---Smith, who lives in Prospect Park, Delaware County, just 15 minutes from the airport, has multiple sclerosis, and her husband, Bob, a former US Airways worker, is disabled. Sometimes, he said, she calls him from work, crying. But when sociologists talk about the erosion of the middle class, the Smith family's experience is what they mean. "The American dream, it's not going to happen for us," said Smith's husband. "We were there, and it got chipped away.

Concerns over airport plan heard by U.D. school board
LINDA REILLY Times Correspondent 10/16/2004
UPPER DARBY -- A Drexel Hill resident concerned about the expansion of Philadelphia International Airport’s Runway 17-35 brought it to the attention of school district and township officials. Marcia Brunelli, of Agnew Drive, presented the Upper Darby School Board with a map depicting the route. Brunelli announced joining the efforts of the Coalition of Communities Against Runway 17-35 and circulating information on the project to interested persons and officials...

Airplanes over Brandywine Hundred create an unlikely activist

By AL MASCITTI 09/12/2004 -- The News Journal
"They want to point a runway at you and you have no recourse? That's crap," he says, his voice rising like an outgoing airliner. "Flying jets over an area with a population density of 9,000 people a square mile is wrong. It's brutal. It's inhuman." And unless he keeps fighting, Donato figures it will never stop.

Campaign Extra!
  Master Debaters ?
Well they were all in Brandywine this evening debating under the jets. Talking about everything from insurance reform to war in Iraq and the jets did come up a few times. I thought everyone did a great job and let's thank CCOBH for making it happen. Mike Castle was lucky that I was not asking the questions about LNG (HR4413) and his plan to reduce the air traffic? Who the hell is Paul Donnelly? Regardless of who wins (the elections) at least we live in a country (as corrupt as it is) where we can talk about the issues that impact our lives. It's about accountability and doing what is right for the people you represent.

All politics is local.
  NY/NJ/PHL Airspace Redesign --- Industry Participation File

-- Update from --

May 2002: NY/NJ/PHL Metropolitan Redesign Blurb posted on the FAA’s
National Airspace Redesign Internet page. The site serves the aviation industry. Uncovered in early 2003. NAR Blurb

Early 2003: Mitre-caasd Internet site.
NJCAAN unearths password protected NY/NJ/PHL Metropolitan Redesign link on Mitre’s National Airspace Redesign home page. This Internet link disappears but the current link, also password protected, is labeled RTCA AWG. The site cannot be accessed by the public.

May 8, 2003: Memo from the Fifteenth Meeting of the Airspace Work Group (AWG) of the Free Flight Select Committee (RTCA) at NBAA in DC. The NYSAWG will meet on August 15. Agenda includes updated information on the integrated airspace plan, benefits estimates, and distance impacts. (scroll to page bottom)

2002 ACE Report: Aviation Capacity Enhancement Plan
In the airspace redesign chapter (chapter 6), cites that a couple of airlines (includes Continental) are trying out new routes based on the FAA’s new technology. (P.p. 63) (Note: ACE Plans are published in the summer of the subseqent year.)

July 22, 2003: Roadmap for Performance-Based Navigation.
The cover letter is by Administrator Marian C. Blakey to the aviation industry. The aviation industry and the FAA worked together to develop this Roadmap for Performance-Based Navigation as part of a collaborative effort that included aircraft and avionics manufacturers, airlines, business and general aviation, research organizations and the Department of Defense (DOD).

Joint government/industry groups such as the Terminal Area Operations Aviation
Rulemaking Committee (TOARC) and the RTCA Free Flight Steering Committee provided recommendations for strategic direction, operational concepts, implementation priorities, and regulatory action. (P.p. 2) New arrival and departure pattern concepts for Newark and LaGuadia Airport are cited in the report. (P.p. 8-9)

February 2004: Memo from the January 7 meeting of the Free Flight Select Committee (RTCA) Agenda item 3—Airspace. Bob Lamond (from National Business Aviation Association) reports that the New York group has been developing four proposals but determined that more work is needed. An effort to develop a fifty proposal will convene shortly. Lamond reports that the Airspace Working Group review material will be distributed in advance of the next Select Committee meeting during which a more detailed update will be provided. (Note: RTCA pulled this memo from its Internet site.)


March 26, 2004 FAA Congressional Update Slide Show:
FAA is awaiting formal input from the RTCA process and airport operators. Industry comments are expected in mid-April (slide 7). Additional modeling will be required to evaluate feasibility of industy recommendations. Final recommendations from the RTCA group are expected in mid-April. These recommendations may result in either design modifications to current alternatives or the development of an additional alternative. (slide 9) (Note: this comment cross references to the RTCA January 7 meeting as reported by Bob Lamond of NBAA.) (scroll to bottom of left hand column to Congressional Briefing section.)

Pertinent Studies----

May 15, 2000: FAA’s Use of RTCA, Inc.
as an Advisory Committee, Office of Inspector General, Department of Transportation—Audit Report, May 15, 2000 In order to comply with the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) the OIG issues a number of recommendations including public disclosure of the FAA’s use of the RTCA. The audit specifically cites the FAA’s use of the RTCA Free Flight Select Committee and its subgroups and the lack of public disclosure. The OIG reported that the FAA concurred with its recommendations.

June 2001: Flip-Flop article Article reporting on the test of the flip-flop. The test was undertaken at the William J. Hughes Technical Center at Atlantic City International Airport, NJ.

July 2002: Highlights from tests of the NYICC undertaken at the William J. Hughes Technical Center. (Note: additional information on these tests is not available.)

2003: OIG at the DOT audit of the Flip-Flop.

May 5, 2003: Quarterly Update To Congress --Dual Modena -- Did industry motivation call for these new procedures in order to prepare the airspace for the arrival of Southwest Airlines, the US Airways pull out from Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) and the extension of 17-35 at PHL ? --You know the 80,000 flights that will have no impact on the region? FAA introduces the integrated airspace proposal for the first time. The agency also reports that it has isolated the ocean routing analysis and is not considering it in a broader redesign. (Slides 13-16) (scroll to bottom of left hand column to Congressional Briefing section)

March 2004: Effects of Collocation and Reduced Lateral Separation Standards in the New York Integrated Control Complex test undertaken at the William J. Hughes Technical Center.

The New York Airspace Redesign Team --- has developed a concept of operations called the NYICC to address the congested NAS. In addition to redesigning the structure of the airspace, there are two basic elements of the NYICC. First, it would collocate the New York terminal and en route facilities to improve communication and coordination between them. Second, it would expand the terminal airspace to reduce the number of transfer and control points and to move these points further from the airports to improve overall traffic flow. The expanded terminal airspace also would allow sequencing, spacing, and holding to occur close to the arrival airports. (P.p. xv)

In the Terminalized condition, the participants were able to increase the number of arrivals they could provide and the number of departures they could accept. (P.p. xv)

The Terminalized condition caused some slight increases in the participants’ taskload and workload; however, thse increases did not exceed moderate levels. (P.p. xv)

2003 ACE Plan: (Chapter 5--Airspace Redesign)
The first alternative would make minor adjustments to the existing route structure. The second alternative, referred to as the Ocean Routing Concept is focused on departure procedures for EWR, but affects JFK and LGA flight procedures as well. Under this concept, Newark departures from the south runways (22L/R) would be routed eastbound over the Atlantic, regardless of their destination. (P.p. 50-51)

Environmental and operational analyses on these two alternatives are expected to be completed in late 2003. (P.p. 51)

Integrated Airspace or NY Integrated Control Complex The third alternative is referred to as the Integrated Airspace Alternative, or the NY Integrated Control Complex (NYICC). Under this proposal, the NY TRACON and en route center would be combined. (P.p. 51)

Existing secondary surveillance radar coverage throughout the area allows terminal separation standards of three miles between aircraft instead of the en route standard of 5 miles between aircraft. (P.p. 51)

Bringing portions of the en route airspace under terminal control will provide additional airspace to support a more even balance of arrivals among arrival fixes and holding patterns within the TRACON. (P.p. 51)

A Concept of Operations for this proposal in the final stages of development. The proposal is also beginning the Investment Analysis process, in accordance with Acquisition Management System guidelines. (P.p. 51)

Inernet Link


The Free Flight Select Committee, was chaired by Roger Wall of Federal Express, and consisted of aviation industry and FAA members, and was closed to the public. The committee was retired in June 2004 when a new committee, the RTCA Air Traffic Management Advisory Committee, was formed. The new committee is headed by Russ Chew, chief operating officer of the FAA's Air Traffic Organization.


All this money spent for the redesign of the NAS and the FAA still uses 40 year old ILS technology to bring jets in over NY/NJ/PHL in poor weather? The use of ILS is the main reason FAA has capacity problems in low visibility/poor weather. The prolonged use of ILS by FAA increases the demand for runways because currently less aircraft are able to land land in poor weather.

Benefits of MLS -- more landings per hour, higher rates of descent, proven ability to route away from noise sensitive areas in low visiblity, will reduce the need for more runways. Used by the U.S. Military so training of pilots and controllers would be less expensive.

Could it be that the heavy industry participation in this type of project (airspace redesign) has shelved the use of technology that would lessen the need for airport expansion and controversial runway projects like 17-35? The selection of software and technology is supposed to enhance the process not become the process. We are demanding strong congressional oversight to stop this government waste.

Stephen Donato

Read more about (MLS) Microwave Landing System
Yet mention of Europe’s MLS activity raises a disturbing issue for the U.S. aviation industry as well as the nation itself. A long-time industry observer, upon learning of the LAAS cancellation, said, “This decision will be very damaging to U.S. leadership and credibility in air-traffic systems,” he said. “In the late 1980s we persuaded ICAO to adopt MLS as the world’s future precision approach aid and, as a result, many nations launched major MLS development programs. But in 1995 we went back to ICAO and told them that we now had a better system, so they should scrap their MLS plans and adopt GPS and LAAS, which they agreed to do. Now we are going to tell ICAO that we’ve changed our mind again because we can’t get LAAS to work. Is it really surprising that the Europeans are taking over leadership in air-traffic technology?” The News Journal : BUSINESS : Southwest takes Phila. airport by storm
  All Politics is Local --- Communities are Under Siege ---
Snip from email sent to the Delaware working group. --

(as the only apparent communication link such as it is to Msr. Tom Carper; Joe Biden; Mike Castle) I would also appreciate it if we could get some representation at the federal level. We don't need more of our representatives telling us how it is in Iraq. We would like some protection from the predatory practices of big businesses with Government entanglements like the airline industry/FAA. It feels like our communities are under siege - large airplanes constantly invading the airspace over our homes. Something has to change! We need protection under the law.

My belief is that in America it should be incumbent on businesses to demonstrate that the consequences of the business decisions they make in pursuit of profits do not have adverse affects on the public. If they don't or can't then either get out of business or face penalties/punishment. For a number of years I claim that my community is being increasingly subject to discriminate abuse because of operations decisions that PHL/FAA have made. Noise pollution; air pollution; accident risk have increased for us because of concentrations and increases in landing/take-off operations. We've asked many times that something be done about it, and the situation just continues to get worse.

Nate Cloud, Director, Darley Civic Association

Have Sponsor, Will Travel -- First Statements by Al Mascitti
Delaware News Journal -- Monday, October 04, 2004
I received an email from our old blog buddy Guy VanderLek the other day alerting me to a series on the public radio business program "Marketplace" about congressional travel paid....

American RadioWorks - Power Trips -
Mike Castle wasn't far behind, at No. 41, with $69,671.29. in expenses

American RadioWorks - Power Trips -
Joe Biden ranked 26th, with $90,906.28 in expenses;

DE Judge has conscience.. -- Environmentalists for Truth
Thank you for the note. I have been very concerned about the increasing airplane pollution problem engulfing DE -- both air and noise pollution. I actually studied this issue for CAC's Philadelphia office a while back. If you would like to put something together explaining the issue in a concise manner with a few solutions, I would love to put something up on my website.
John Kearney

Let's ask Mr. Castle, Gov. Minner, and Judge Lee about their position on this issue and many others October 14 @ Brandywine High School. I did not know in America we had to call (the local airport) PHL and check flight patterns before we organize for prayer outside in our own backyards. Wonder what they will say when asked this question?

Editorial: There’s no debating -- Weldon’s too popular --
The Delaware County Times -- 10/08/2004
It’s a shame and a pity that 7th District voters won’t have the opportunity to see if 18 years in Washington has improved Weldon’s debating skills any. Or to hear his account of what he’s been doing for them lately. Naturally, when stories appear in the newspapers about the event, the Weldon campaign will then accuse the reporters of bias.

Stephen Donato

  The Power of Prayer ---
It is about the environment. It also about people living the way they want. I did not know in America we had to call (the local airport) PHL and check flight patterns before we organize for prayer outside in our own backyards. How 'bout that power of prayer. I pray for change every night and will continue to write my ass off. It helps me!! We can agree to disagree. We all may not agree politically on things, but we must hang together and keep the pressure on.

Stephen Donato

Recieved this email in response to blog post below.

Dear Friends, Last night Saturday October 2 between 6:30 and 9:30 I was having a "Sukkot" dinner and prayer time with friends in celebration of the Biblical Feast Day of Sukkot. 25 of us trying to pray outdoors in a tent. There were planes coming in overhead every 30 seconds. We had to yell in order to be even minimally heard. Some of the planes seemed to be ready to fly into our yard. What was supposed to have been worship and prayerful and quiet and joyful moment turned into a yelling match with me apologizing for the circumstances. I felt like a fool. Who would have thought that the planes would land every thirty seconds on a Saturday night?. They just keep coming lower and lower. You have my vote. Keep on fighting this!. Perhaps between prayer and fighting , we can have some impact.
Arden resident. Delaware
  The term is called "when the mob rules" ----
The only way to get your (all of our) politicians on board is by making them understand that they will not have jobs unless they make change happen now.

Air traffic increasing over PA and NJ --does affect the whole region. I don't care what the FAA says. Vitali needing proof of future problems because of PHL 17-35 expansion is a mute point --more jets will mean more noise and pollution in the region. See comment from Vitali constituent:

"Go get'em Steve! Vitali is such a weak stick, I live in Havertown and the jet noise has grown considerably in the past year (hell, the low flying VFR Helicopters are even worse) Vitali needs to get his head out of the sand and start worrying more about PHL's 17-35 expansion and how it impacts my quality of life and spend less time on "Climate Issues" I will never vote for this "Good Government Wonk" again. He just doesn't get it! "

Add wording to your letters demanding the reduction of the weight limit on 17-35.

We will never beat them going tit for tat reviewing the environmental impact statements.

The air traffic is intense now and the best way to stop it --is by forcing federally imposed sanctions --weight limits on PHL 17-35.

We can do this regionally when all of our reps are on the same page.

That is what the Delaware noise group is supposed to do --make recommendations to Feds. in order to provide relief from
PHL air traffic.

They can build it --that does not mean we will let them land on it.

It's not really up to the FAA like they want you to believe.

The term is called "when the mob rules".

Every politician should be asked this question --asked first by Nate Cloud.

"How can a business take over the environment around a community in another state in order to maintain or increase profits, without adequate analysis of the community impact, including increased risk of death and/or reduction of quality of life due to various forms of pollution? I thought in America, businesses had to thoroughly examine these issues before taking action?"
Nate Cloud
President, Darley Civic Association

Stephen Donato

FAA, airport officials answer questions at Upper Darby High
  Pica's Pizza a cold glass of Yuengling and PHL jets every two minutes... priceless ---
"I have been told that the two potentially-major impacts, the noise and air pollution, will not have a negative impact on Haverford Township," said state Rep. Greg Vitali, D-166. "I have no reason to doubt that what they are saying is true. I am sure they have no interest in building unnecessary runways."


People in your area feel very differently and I would be more than happy to forward you the emails to prove it. If you think the formation of a state authority to manage PHL is going to answer your prayers --don't count on it. The reality is if PHL is run out of Harrisburg it will become even more powerful. The authority will have condemnation rights and Interboro Schools will lose because the authority would be tax exempt. Delco will have maybe one or two seats on the state board and it will create more layers of government bureaucracy and waste. Then when the larger 17-35 jets start zooming in over your head those runway landing fees will be diverted to pay for the bailout @ Pittsburgh's airport.

Homer Simpson.

Let them build the runway and waste the 40 million. To reduce PHL air traffic NJ, PA, DE residents and local government officials can start by making your congressional delegates reduce the weight limit of aircraft that can land and take off on PHL 17-35. It's not really up to the FAA like the PHL spokesman stated this week.

Stephen Donato

It's Official: No Big Jets At Teterboro
Rothman's Legislation to Uphold Aircraft Approved With Key Support From Senators Lautenberg & Corzine
Teterboro, NJ - In a major victory for improving the quality of life for the people of Northern New Jersey, Congressman Steve Rothman (D-NJ9) today announced that his provision to stop the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) from overturning the 100,000 pound aircraft weight limit at Teterboro Airport, thus preventing the 737 Boeing Business Jet from operating there, has become law.

Southwest 737 on PHL 17/35

FAA meets Paulsboro residents
Longer Phila. runway could worsen air traffic
By STEVE LEVINE Courier-Post Staff
Southwest Airlines, which flies mainly 737s to the Philadelphia hub, already uses Runway 17-35 for those flights and that could increase, Peters said. About 150 residents and officials attended Tuesday's meeting, a presentation of preliminary findings in the FAA's nearly yearlong study into the viability of extending the runway. "It's the whole concept (of increased traffic)," Fish said. "It's not just the noise but the pollution and the safety." ..the flight path of planes from 17-35... the jets already taking off and landing on the airstrip seem so close she can practically touch them. "They're Southwest," she said. "That's how low they are, that you can read it."

Attorney: Runway expansion is done deal
By TIMOTHY LOGUE , 09/30/2004
"I have been told that the two potentially-major impacts, the noise and air pollution, will not have a negative impact on Haverford Township," said state Rep. Greg Vitali, D-166. "I have no reason to doubt that what they are saying is true. I am sure they have no interest in building unnecessary runways." While residents in Tinicum Township have railed for decades against the increase in air traffic above their homes, the proposed extension of runway 17-35 has prompted concerns from homeowners in New Jersey, Southwest Philadelphia and other parts of Delaware County that could find themselves under a busier flight path.

Getting to the Airport
Because the improvement of Newark has been accompanied by decline at JFK and La Guardia, many have accused the Port Authority - which manages all three airports - of playing favorites. Former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani was so convinced that the Port Authority's approach was harmful to the city that he tried to seize control of JFK and La Guardia.The Port Authority - which recently renewed its lease of JFK and La Guardia under terms that will give the city much more in rent - responds to accusations of favoritism by saying it spends its funds where they are needed most. In recent years, the agency has shifted capital investment back across the Hudson.

6/21/2004 -- Smells like FAA EIS process...Feds assert control over LNG terminal siting -- Found this news article over the weekend. FERC must be taking lessons from FAA on how to permit controversial projects.--- It makes me wonder why FERC has stakeholder representation as part of the process at all. They came here and told us the public had a say," said Casi Callaway, director of the Mobile Bay Watch environmental group. "I think this is something that every legislator from city council person to federal senator should outright oppose, because if the public doesn't have a say in their own community, what is the purpose of having legislators?"

Attorney: Runway expansion is done deal : The Daily Times

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Stop the Noise --
The word Noise, on the other hand, is derived from the Latin word, noxia, meaning injury or hurt. It is defined by the National Institute of Public Health as being "Any sound - independent of loudness - that may produce an undesired physiological or psychological effect in an individual and that may interfere with the social ends of an individual or group." | Effects of Noise on Children's Learning and Health -- Claire Matz

Editorial : No Change In Airnoise --
By FAA definition, we do not have a noise problem... Like other Federal agencies, the FAA is beyond control. Unless and until Mr Castle, Mr Carper, and Mr Biden get together enough support to withhold significant funds from the FAA, they will ignore us. | The Brandywine Community News, DE - April 7, 2003

Residents Ask FAA For More Information --
Gail Van Gilder, of Delaware Greenways, said the FAA already has their minds made up to approve the expansion. She said they need to answer questions from an air noise study conducted in December 2001.| The Brandywine Community News, DE - August 23, 2003

Editorial : Philly’s Airport ; Delaware County’s Problem--
It’s called Philadelphia International Airport, but, truth be told, Delaware County has greater claim to the name. | The Delaware County Times, PA - Mar 10, 2004

West Deptford residents raise noise over runway expansion --
Most homes would be impacted by the noise and air pollution. During the FAA reauthorization last year, Lautenberg and the NJ delegation...

Cheap Air Fares Land In Philly -
It's summer, it's humid and you have vacation days to spare. You're ready for a getaway but, unfortunately, your wallet isn't. Out of luck? ...| The Delaware County Times, PA - Mar 8, 2004

In Depth: Proposed changes at Philadelphia International may have a far-reaching impact on Delco. -
The study into the possible expansion of Philadelphia International Airport may still be in its formative stages, but that doesn’t prevent the controversy surrounding such an idea to continue to evolve. | The Delaware County Times, PA - Feb 23, 2004

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