Some Jersey Justice ? --
Maybe Burzichelli will call for a boycott of soft pretzels from South Phila. once they extend PHL 17-35 and start launching 40,000 jets a year over his head in Paulsboro, NJ.

Stephen Donato

Lawmakers: Del. needs 'reality check'
Today's Sunbeam, NJ - Sunday, February 27, 2005
I did receive the letter and am reviewing it further," Wallace, a New Jersey DRBA commissioner said Saturday. "I share the concerns of the legislators. The (Delaware) law is archaic, inappropriate and unjust."

SALEM -- Angered by a Delaware ruling blocking a proposed $500 million liquefied natural gas terminal in New Jersey, an action possible because of a centuries-old border law, three area lawmakers are asking the new chairman of the Delaware River and Bay Authority to block any of the agency's projects that would benefit the First State.

"As the head of a pivotal bi-state economic-development agency that serves both Delaware and New Jersey, you can deliver a reality check that Delaware officials would be remiss to ignore," wrote state Sen. Stephen Sweeney and Assemblymen John Burzichelli and Douglas Fisher, all D-3rd Dist., in a letter Friday to DRBA Chairman Dr. Warren Wallace.

Is this Amerika?
Macon Telegraph, GA - Sunday, February 27, 2005
My government is starting to scare me to death. No, this is not about Republicans or Democrats. Politicians of both ilks scare me equally when it comes to taking away something that is mine or invading my privacy. It's bad enough law enforcement, using provisions in the Patriot Act, can do a "sneak and peek" investigation inside my home without telling me. They can watch where I go on the Internet; how I spend my money and track which books I read.

Smells like FAA EIS process... Feds assert control over LNG terminal siting
Found this news article over the weekend. FERC must be taking lessons from FAA on how to permit controversial projects....

Editorial | A Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal':
For Immediate Release
Contact: Jack Saporito, +1 847-506-0670 Cell: +1 847-922-2692
Source: Mothers Against Airport Pollution

Arlington Heights, IL-The Mothers Against Airport Pollution are issuing a dire warning to expectant and new mothers…

It has now been confirmed with certainty that pregnant women who live near high industrial sources of pollution should protect themselves from breathing the contaminated toxic air in order to protect their unborn children. Evidence was also found that children born outside of and moved into the hotspot zones in infancy also had elevated rates of cancers.

This is of particular concern regarding airports, since areas around airports in the United States are located generally within heavily populated areas.

Airport and aircraft related operations are among the worst producers of the specific toxic chemicals listed. And unlike ground-based sources, aircraft contaminate our breathing air from overhead, exposing people living many miles away from an airport to these deadly poisons and particulate matter.

Researchers have now linked the breathing of cancer-causing compounds during pregnancy to a direct increase in the risk of childhood cancer. In fact, they believe nearly all child cancers and leukemia can be traced back to a mother's inhalation of toxic substances during pregnancy.

The peer reviewed study demonstrates that there are significant birth proximity relative risks when expectant mothers are exposed to "hotspots" of carbon monoxide, PM10 particles, VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), nitrogen oxides, benzene, dioxins, 1,3-butadiene, and benz(a)pyrene.

The study confirmed that the places of children with cancer are often sites of industrial combustion, VOCs, and associated engine exhausts.

According to the study, "Newly identified specific hazards include the known carcinogens 1,3-butadiene, dioxins, and benz(a)pyrene. The mother probably inhales these or related materials and passes them to the fetus across the placenta," other sources cannot be excluded: breast milk or preconception contamination or pollution effects in early infancy.

Smaller airports are not exempt, since aviation gas still contains the additive lead. In addition, more than 5,000 general aviation airports plan to start accepting jet operations in the near future. Jets burn more fuel and release more toxins. In another study, according to data from the Los Angeles School District on Santa Monica airport, just about 15 jet operations a day cause a significant increase in cancer risks.

According to USEPA and Illinois EPA figures, Chicago O'Hare airport's aircraft alone, emit more VOCs than those from all Illinois electric power generating plants combined, with Carbon Monoxide emissions as much as 60% of that total!

The peer reviewed study, "Evidence Based Public Health Policy And Practice: Childhood cancers and atmospheric carcinogens", by E. G. Knox was published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, (doi:10.1136/jech.2004.0216752005;59;101-105).
For more information on what you can do, contact Mothers Against Airport Pollution at: 630-415-3370.


Editor's note:

"Controlling Evidence Based Public Health Policy And Practice: Childhood cancers and atmospheric carcinogens."

Airport-Related Air Pollution (study conducted by 8 US states, many new findings including finding that the Federal Aviation Insdustry and United Nations (ICAO) are grossly underreporting ground emissions.)

Toxic emissions from the airports studied are high when compared with emissions from the largest stationary sources in each of the three states. While improvement is needed in the method used to calculate toxic emissions from aircraft, the inventory provides a rough approximation of emissions, indicating that toxic emissions from aircraft greatly exceed those of the largest stationery sources in the three states. (Pp. II-13-14)

Table 1. 1999 Aircraft Emissions at the Airports of Study (Pp. II-11-14)
Logan Bradley Manchester
Oxides of Nitrogen 2,664.1 676.5 187.5
Hydrocarbons 562.1 102.0 35.4
1,3-butadiene 10.7 1.8 0.6
Benzene 15.7 3.1 1.2
Formaldehyde 82.1 12.9 3.7
Acetaldehyde 25.3 3.9 1.1


Yet another similar type New York City study confirms Childhood cancers and atmospheric carcinogens findings:

"When their babies were born, researchers found about 50% more genetic abnormalities in infants whose mothers had higher levels of exposure to toxics caused by burning fuels such as gas and coal, researchers said yesterday."

"We already knew that these air pollutants significantly reduce fetal growth, but this is the first time we've seen evidence that they can change the structure of chromosomes in [the womb]," said Dr. Frederica Perera, director of Columbia's Center for Children's Environmental Health."

Source: Urban Air Pollution Linked To Childhood Cancer In NYC Study. NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, 2-16-05. (From the journal Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers and Prevention.)

Contact: Jack Saporito, +1 847-506-0670 Cell: +1 847-922-2692

Denise Heppel, Chairman
Mothers Against Airport Pollution
POB 1702
Arlington Heights, IL 60006-1702
(630) 415-3370
  White's daughter gets 150 million PHL bond deal --
Documents also released this week include the transcript of a wiretapped July 2003 conversation between Mayor Street and his chief fund-raiser in which they discuss "selling" box seats @ Lincoln Financial Field to raise reelection cash - upwards of $300,000.

Philadelphia "Airportgate"

The FAA and the City of Philadelphia sent a notification via email this week stating that the 17-35 EIS will be released sometime in early March. Which is also within days of US Airways submitmitting it's updated "business plan" to the bankruptcy courts. Coincidence, what do you think?

Stephen Donato

White's daughter gets city bond deal (subscription), PA - 15 hours ago
Simone White, a graduate of Harvard Law School, worked at her father's firm, as did D'Elia, who graduated from Villanova University Law School. According to city records, both worked on real estate matters at the airport as well as in other arenas. Both have also given grand-jury testimony related to the probe. D'Elia, whose father is William "Big Billy" D'Elia, a reputed Scranton mob boss, has practiced in the areas of public finance and commercial transactions. City records show that White, 32, and D'Elia, 30, opened their new practice, White & D'Elia L.L.C., just recently. They received a city business license Jan. 13.

O'Hare runway foes say FAA sides with city
Chicago Sun-Times - Feb 16, 2005
Opponents of O'Hare Airport expansion suggested Tuesday that the FAA with ultimate authority over the multibillion-dollar project abdicated its watchdog role and has become an advocate for Mayor Daley's runway plans. The Federal Aviation Administration gave a tentative blessing last month to Chicago's plans for new and retooled runways, and the FAA is expected to release a final decision by September.

Aviation Industry Participation In NY/NJ/PHL Airspace Redesign Project Undermines Public Interest -- PHL-Citizens Aviation Watch - Dec, 16, 2004
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has developed the NY/NJ/PHL Airspace Redesign Project, assisted by widespread aviation industry involvement, while excluding all public participation or oversight. For instance, Glen Morse, representing Continental Airlines.... -- Will Philadelphia step in where Delaware fears to tread?
  FAA’s Use Of RTCA—OIG Recommendations -
FAA’s Use of RTCA, Inc. as an Advisory Committee
Office of Inspector General—Audit Report, May 15, 2000
Department of Transportation

Background: (NJCAAN Commentary)
The FAA continues to favor the aviation industry and excludes public involvement. The FAA has provided detailed modeling to the aviation industry and has relied on input from the industry. The aviation industry also has participated in the development of the redesign through the RTCA Free Flight Select Committee (FFSC).

RTCA is a Federal Advisory Committee and has acted as an industry advisory panel in conjunction with the FAA on the redesign project. The FFSC was chaired by Roger Wall of Federal Express, and consisted of aviation industry and FAA members. It was closed to the public. Industry members included Glen Morse of Continental Airlines and Phil Mullis of Southwest Airlines. The AWG of the FFSC was co-chaired by Bob Lamond of NBAA and Charlie Hall of American Airlines; Sabra Kaulia of the FAA was the Federally Designated Official. The FFSC was retired in June 2004 when a new committee, the RTCA Air Traffic Management Advisory Committee (ATMAC), was formed. Russ Chew, chief operating officer of the FAA’s Air Traffic Organization (formerly from American Airlines), is the Federally Designated Official of ATMAC.

Internet Link:

In response to the request in the Conference Report for the Department of Transportation and Related Agencies Appropriations Act for Fiscal Year 2000, the Office of Inspector General reviewed the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) use of RTCA, Inc. (RTCA) as an Advisory Committee. (Memorandum)

The objectives of our review were to examine FAA’s relationship with RTCA, review the role and organization of RTCA, and compare FAA’s relationship with RTCA to that of other Federal advisory committees. (Pp. i)

RTCA is chartered by FAA and a Federal advisory committee, and it is therefore subject to the requirements of the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA)… …Congress enacted FACA in 1972 to bring about more review, oversight, and accountability for advisory committees. (P.p. i)

Among other things, FACA promotes openness, accountability, and balance of viewpoints so that advisory committee recommendations will be the result of objective and independent judgment. (P.p. ii)

FAA Representatives Should Not Serve in an Official, Voting Capacity on RTCA Boards, Committees, and Working Groups. (P.p. iv)

FAA Should Ensure RTCA Takes Steps to Provide Public Access to Closed Meeting Deliberations (P.p. v)

FAA Should Ensure RTCA Adopts Procedures to Ensure Balanced Membership, Including Disclosure of Potential Conflicts of Interest and Representational Interests. (P.p. vii)

FAA and the Management Advisory Council Should Assess the Role RTCA Will
Play in Future Air Traffic Modernization Initiatives (P.p. viii)

Agency Comments:
FAA concurs with our recommendations and will proceed to implement them.
(P.p. ix)

Public Disclosure:
Of concern is the closure to the public of the Free Flight Select Committee and its four working groups, the restrictive committee member selection process wherein an individual must be appointed or invited to join by the RTCA Policy Board, and the lack of minutes available to the public for these meetings. Because of the closed nature of these RTCA proceedings, it is unclear to those outside the process how decisions are made and who makes them. (P.p. v)

A subcommittee, such as the Free Flight Select Committee, can be created and even closed, but it cannot serve as a mere proxy for the full committee. To meet the spirit of the FACA, open meetings should not simply be a “rubber stamp” of the subcommittee’s recommendations, and the public should not be excluded from the committee deliberative process. (P.p. v-vi)

FACA requires that recommendations flow up through the committee deliberations process, not directly to the agency outside of the public eye. (P.p. vi)

In contrast, other advisory organizations we reviewed established controls to meet the openness criteria of FACA. (P.p. vi)

The National Academy of Sciences (Academy), among other things, posts ongoing project descriptions and minutes of closed meetings on the Academy’s web site. (P.p. vi)

For example, FAA and RTCA should consider steps the Academy has taken to increase public access to current project activity. The Academy posts the following project information on its web site. (Pp. 10)

· Names and brief biographies of committee members,
· Notices of open meetings,
· Copies of written materials presented to the committee,
· Summary minutes of closed meetings,
· Descriptions of ongoing projects, and
· Copies of final committee reports.

FAA’s Use of RTCA, Inc. as an Advisory Committee
  Stupid is as stupid does.....
For the full year, US Airways reported a loss of $578 million on $7.07 billion in revenue. In the previous fiscal year, it lost $174 million on $5.31 billion in revenue. The airline loses money every time they put a jet into the air and the plan is to add 50 more daily flights from PHL in February? This airline bankruptcy thing is kind of like the energizer bunny.... just keeps on going and going. After two years United still has not emerged.

United's full-year losses of $1.6 billion were, however, below the net losses of $2.8 billion witnessed in the previous year. United Airlines has expressed its intention to reduce its capacity by 3% (2005) this year, due to the continuing weakness in its financial performance. The company expects to emerge from bankruptcy by fall this year.

US Airways landed in a mess at Philadelphia Airport --Pittsburgh Post Gazette, PA - Jan 29, 2005

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Stop the Noise --
The word Noise, on the other hand, is derived from the Latin word, noxia, meaning injury or hurt. It is defined by the National Institute of Public Health as being "Any sound - independent of loudness - that may produce an undesired physiological or psychological effect in an individual and that may interfere with the social ends of an individual or group." | Effects of Noise on Children's Learning and Health -- Claire Matz

Editorial : No Change In Airnoise --
By FAA definition, we do not have a noise problem... Like other Federal agencies, the FAA is beyond control. Unless and until Mr Castle, Mr Carper, and Mr Biden get together enough support to withhold significant funds from the FAA, they will ignore us. | The Brandywine Community News, DE - April 7, 2003

Residents Ask FAA For More Information --
Gail Van Gilder, of Delaware Greenways, said the FAA already has their minds made up to approve the expansion. She said they need to answer questions from an air noise study conducted in December 2001.| The Brandywine Community News, DE - August 23, 2003

Editorial : Philly’s Airport ; Delaware County’s Problem--
It’s called Philadelphia International Airport, but, truth be told, Delaware County has greater claim to the name. | The Delaware County Times, PA - Mar 10, 2004

West Deptford residents raise noise over runway expansion --
Most homes would be impacted by the noise and air pollution. During the FAA reauthorization last year, Lautenberg and the NJ delegation...

Cheap Air Fares Land In Philly -
It's summer, it's humid and you have vacation days to spare. You're ready for a getaway but, unfortunately, your wallet isn't. Out of luck? ...| The Delaware County Times, PA - Mar 8, 2004

In Depth: Proposed changes at Philadelphia International may have a far-reaching impact on Delco. -
The study into the possible expansion of Philadelphia International Airport may still be in its formative stages, but that doesn’t prevent the controversy surrounding such an idea to continue to evolve. | The Delaware County Times, PA - Feb 23, 2004

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