FAA Issues Record of Decision for PHL 17-35 --
The FAA made its decision on 17-35, as expected, in favor of Alternative One. I just called FAA Eastern Region and confirmed the email I received earlier today.

We can lessen the effect of the 17-35 Runway extension and future expansion projects by contacting our regional Senators and Congressmen and have them pass legislation placing weight limits on aircraft using Runway 17-35 and mandate noise reduction as stated goal for all pending and future airspace redesign projects and the proposed PHL CEP.

Comments from Havertown, PA resident....
Unlimited demand cannot be added to a finite system without serious consequences to the health and welfare of the citizens of three states. Irresponsible scheduling of flights at peak times cannot continue if the FAA is truly serious about mitigating delays. While delays continue to be a major problem at the nation's largest airports, other airports such as the Pittsburgh airport and regional airports such as Lehigh and Harrisburg are being under utilized . Untapped capacity can be found in the system to deal with delays at PHL in the short term without wasting taxpayer's money on a short-lived runway extension and highway relocation ( State Route 291) that will negatively impact their quality of life.


Council gives its OK to $230M airport bond deal
Posted on Fri, Apr. 15, 2005 -- By MARK McDONALD
Though it wasn't publicly discussed at the hearings, Council members were also concerned that the airport bond team was put together by former City Treasurer Corey Kemp, now on trial on corruption charges in federal court.Mayor Street's top political aide, George Burrell, also added Simone White as the co-underwriter's counsel to the team. White is the daughter of the late lawyer Ron White, who, until his death, was a central figure in the corruption probe that netted Kemp.But Council President Anna Verna said only the airlines would be harmed if Council rejected the bill. And Councilwoman Marian Tasco noted, "Until we are able to do something about how the bond process works, we still have to continue to do business." A second airport bond issue, for $125 million in terminal improvements, remains stalled in Council because of a dispute over how much oversight Council should have in bond refundings. - Runway Expansion Awaits FAA's OK - March 3, 2005 - VIDEO: John Rawlins
  GM, DuPont, Delta Lobby Against Bush's Proposal to Restructure Pensions --
Now they want all of industry to subsidize $29.00 airfares via the bankruptcy courts. Let's talk more about activist judges legislating from the bench? The airlines lose the debt and still can fly planes to compete with the LLCs and of course keep capacity in the system. That is the red herring they don't want to talk about. And let's not forget about FAA "culture" and its lowest cost, scorched earth, environmental policy- not to mention the FACA violations via the RTCA..

Delta not just sucking air

I'm thinking that all airline and general aviation passengers should pay a fee and repay the US government fully for the airline pension obligations and outstanding loans to the Airline Stabilization Board. That's only fair because we do live in an "ownership society," don't we? If I were DuPont, GM, and Chrysler, my lobbyists would be all over Senators Isakson and Rockefeller and anyone else in Washington who thinks the airlines deserve any more corporate welfare from the U.S. Treasury.

Stephen Donato


GM, Delta Lobby Against Bush's Proposal to Restructure Pensions
April 25 (Bloomberg) -- President George W. Bush and big companies, normally the best of friends, are on a collision course over pensions. Just last week, the PBGC agreed to take over $6.6 billion of Elk Grove, Illinois-based UAL Corp.'s United Airlines pensions. The company, struggling to exit bankruptcy, had underfunded pensions by $9.8 billion -- leaving employees with a $3.2 billion reduction in their benefits. The airlines are pressing Congress to renew an exemption expiring this year that would allow them to continue the suspension of their defined-benefit plans and also spread out large payments due in coming years over a 25-year period. Last week, Senator Johnny Isakson, a Republican of Georgia, introduced legislation containing the proposal.

Delta Air Lines Reports Results for March 2005 Quarter
Reports a first quarter net loss of $1.1 billion, or $7.64 loss per share.
Excluding the special items described below, reports a first quarter net loss of $684 million, or $4.89 loss per share. Is achieving the targets set forth in its transformation plan, as demonstrated by a 12.7 percent year over year reduction in mainline unit costs, excluding fuel expense and the special items described below. 1 Including fuel expense and special items, mainline unit costs increased 11.9 percent compared to the March 2004 quarter.

Minnesota Congressman Wants Amtrak to Disclose Subsidy
U.S. Representative Mark Kennedy offers amendment that would force Amtrak to print amount of taxpayer subsidy on each rail ticket. Rep. Mark Kennedy U.S. Representative Mark Kennedy (R-Minnesota) wants Americans who use Amtrak rail service to know exactly how much of their ride is being paid for by the taxpayers. He drafted legislation that would force Amtrak to print the exact amount of subsidy that goes into each trip on every ticket. Kenendy offered this as an amendment to the $6 billion Amtrak authorization bill that passed the the House Transportation Committee today.

Legislative Record
The News Journal, DE - 1 hour ago
... To Governor. HJR 7 (Smith) - Extends the reporting date of the Philadelphia Airport Air Traffic and Quality of Life Issues Action Group until June 1, 2006. ...
  The Castle Amendment --
We appreciate Congressman Castle's support defending local control of LNG plant siting. Can't wait to find out how others in the region voted so we can "hammer" them for voting to usurp state sovereignty.

Castle, Mike Castle Tom Delay The Hammer: Tom DeLay: God, Money, and the Republican Congress<br />

Federal energy bill passes House (again)
Monday, April 25, 2005 -- Atmore Advance, AL
My staff and I work for the people of south Alabama. Let us know when we can be of service. Jo Bonner is a congressman for the State of Alabama. His column appears weekly. The Castle Amendment would have ensured that local input continues to receive fair consideration during the permitting process, and that decisions are not made solely on the basis of information provided by the federal government. While the amendment did not pass, and was thus not included in the final version of the bill, I was proud to cast my vote in support of Congressman Castle's measure. Moreover, I have been assured by members of the House leadership that further consideration of local input in an LNG permitting process will be given additional review during any House-Senate conference negotiations on this bill.

DeLay's Grab for NASA
Sunday, April 09 , 2005 --
Who's in charge of the US space program? There's the administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, for one, and of course the President--and also Tom DeLay. The scandal-scented Republican House majority leader has invaded NASA, grabbing its biggest outpost and taking a rather personal interest in the agency's budget. He has established himself as the go-to guy on Capitol Hill regarding NASA. And given the way Washington works, this means he can influence how the agency carves up its $16 billion pie and how it resolves critical policy debates--matters of keen interest to aerospace and military contractors, who often look to make contributions to friendly or feared legislators. One of the largest employers in Texas, the center boasts about 15,000 workers. Until last year the JSC was miles outside DeLay's Congressional district. When he and other Texas Republicans orchestrated a controversial redrawing of district lines in 2003, they wiped out the district next to DeLay's, a Democratic stronghold that included the JSC. At the same time, an elbow-shaped piece of territory was added to the east side of DeLay's district. This patch stretched far enough to wrap around the Johnson Space Center.

The Atmore Advance: "Federal energy bill passes House (again)"
  FAA culture impedes modernization --
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Wed Apr 13, 2005 09:11 PM ET -- The finding, included in a General Accountability Office report, was especially critical of agency management and noted a shortage of technical expertise that has left the government overly dependent on contractors, whose interests may differ from regulators.


(April 14, 2005) The Aviation Subcommittee receives testimony on the progress of FAA's modernization efforts through the Air Traffic Organization (ATO) and Joint Program Development Office. Testifying are, from left, ATO Chief Operating Officer Russell Chew, DOT Undersecretary for Policy Jeffrey Shane, DOT Inspector General Ken Meade, and Government Accountability Office Director for Physical Infrastructure Issues Gerald Dillingham. -- Read Testimony

Master of Puppets - Did FAA Ignore Another OIG audit ?
  Carper Goes Nuclear --
I am surprised that more of the "progressive" websites in Delaware that "watch" and "alert" the public to these kind of things have not been more publicly supportive of the senator. We need to thank Mr. Carper for taking a stand and demanding that the EPA answer his questions. Senator Roth would be proud.

Senator Roth vs Tom Carper

"I do this with a heavy heart and with much regret because I think Stephen Johnson is well qualified to head the EPA," Sen. Tom Carper, D-Del., said in announcing his decision this week to block a vote on Johnson. Carper said he was acting because the EPA and the White House had ignored his request for an analysis of the economic, health and environmental impact of his alternative bill to Bush's clean-air plan...

Sen. Trent Lott, R-Mississippi,
whose state is home to threatened military bases, last month blocked a Senate vote on the nominee to head a base closing commission. Bush circumvented the hold by appointing all nine members of the commission while lawmakers were on their Easter recess.

Stephen Donato

EPA Nominee Blocked Over 'Clear Skies' Test
Washington Post Staff Writer Friday, April 15, 2005; Page A23
Yesterday's hold was placed by Sen. Thomas R. Carper (Del.), who has long demanded that the EPA conduct scientific reviews of two legislative plans introduced in recent years as alternatives to President Bush's signature air pollution proposal, the "Clear Skies" initiative. Carper said he would not lift the hold until the EPA gave him an "ironclad" guarantee it would evaluate the other plans.

Senators Acting Alone Can Block Nominees (
  Northeast Politicians --
Hi Howard... Your question from AviationWatch --

[How come politicians in the Northeast seem so ready to support popular opposition to airport expansion, whereas out here we can't get anyone to speak out?]

It's because we are fighting "the Chicago way" ...

"The Chicago Way" -- Stop the O'hare Modernization

You know the old saying about bringing a knife to a gun fight. Our politicians now have a healthy respect for the electorate, our ability to organize and grass roots activism. Or maybe it's the fact that FAA does not want to answer their questions as well.

Would you like to receive emails from PHL-CAW and NJCAAN ? We would be more than happy to add you again to the distribution lists. Our strength is our collective voice.

Be well,
Stephen Donato

Troubling uses for Teterboro
Sunday, April 10, 2005 --
With so many ordinary citizens in the flight path of these jets, it's important to question the safety and noise of the airport. But once safety or noise is debated, then authorities should discuss what kinds of flights come in and out of Teterboro. Are we interrupting the lives of thousands of area residents for the convenience of guests at Trump's wedding, professional basketball stars and now possible torture victims? And if U.S. authorities plan to use Teterboro for more rendition flights, will the airport and surrounding community need additional security? ...Ultimately, the dangers of Teterboro's jets are really a moral issue.

Study one's adversary --
Saturday, March 6th, 2005 -- PHL-CAW
By the nature of the process, the FAA controls the information flow. The agency also withholds information to avoid public input. One of our objectives is to get the information. When they do not give it, we have to fight for it. They also do this with the hopes of running the EIS through before anybody can nail them down on what the study really means. Did I miss anything?...

Santorum joins others in opposing PHL’s runway plan --, PA - Apr 8, 2005
  They haven't a prayer --
By sea and by air... As you all know the operations at PHL already heavily impact communities in PA, NJ, DE and the plan is to bring in more jets. In an effort to mitigate the impact to the surrounding communities FAA has utilized the Delaware River for departures leaving in the west bound direction. See graphic below -- jets in red are outbound over river.


"When you look at the big picture, a project like this makes sense not just for New Jersey but for the region." Tom Mueller, BP Spokesperson

The proposed location for BP's 500 million dollar LNG plant is Logan, NJ. It is just 10 short miles from the airport's main runway. What is the FAA going to do with the traffic it currently sends down the river when the LNG tankers are docked off loading 33 million gallons of LNG three times a week? Jet traffic will be forced off the river (for security concerns) and what will the impact be to the surrounding communities in Gloucester and Delaware Counties? Why has not the US Department of Transportation filed to intervene like PSEG did regarding the Nuclear Reactors in Salem, NJ? We would like an answer.. Please tell us Mr. Mineta?

This is another facility that will impact us all for many, many years. And now the FERC may have final say where these LNG plants are located. This issue is about the federal government and how they can abuse power and usurp control of the state and local governments. Sound familiar? We need clean energy supplies just like we need aviation... however, these facilities are dangerous and need to be located away from people just like airports.

Stephen Donato


From Boothwyn, PA --Thank you sincerely, Your constituents
I am in my den, with the windows closed and can hear the constant drone. A few weeks ago we were able to reach the FAA in Jamaica, NY and spoke to their representative concerning this. He informed us the FAA recommends thatflights over are area be at about 3000 feet; but, this is up to the airline and the airport and suggested we contact them. He also told us about the BrandywineIntercept issue and the politicians and homeowner groups involved in attempting to change this pattern. He volunteered, “They haven't a prayer.”

Campaign contributions Jersey style
LNG Community Focus -
At the end of this document is a list of specific contributions made to NJ State Assemblyman John Burzichelli, NJ State Senator Stephen Sweeney and NJ State Assemblyman Douglas Fisher. It is important to note that all of these elected officials are in favor of BP's proposed LNG import terminal in Logan Township NJ.

Corzine: LNG terminal is key
The Gloucester County Times, NJ - Mar 28, 2005
U.S. Rep. Robert Andrews, D-1st Dist., of Haddon Heights, said he remains undecided about the plan but added rhetoric needs to be cooled down between the two states before progress can be made...Andrews added the environmental effects and security of the LNG terminal remain key but unresolved issues. But he said the rhetoric between the two states, notably calls by state Assemblyman John Burzichelli to boycott all credit cards issued in Delaware, needs to calm down. "The border dispute needs to be de-emphasized," Andrews said.

The Domestic Supply and Cost for the Approaching Peak Winter Months
Wednesday, October 6 2004 - Testimony of Ms. Wenonah Hauter
..Both the CFTC and FERC have been negligent in policing these markets effectively. Traders operating on exchanges like NYMEX are required to disclose details of their trades to federal regulators. But traders in OTC exchanges are not required to disclose such information, allowing energy companies, investment banks and hedge funds to escape federal oversight and more easily engage in manipulation strategies... In addition, investment banks—led by Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley—have already firmly established themselves as dominant players in natural gas trading. Given the sheer size and political muscle behind these hedge funds and investment banks, greater transparency over their actions is needed now more than ever.

Air Security Agency Faces Reduced Role
Washington Post Staff Writer Friday, April 8, 2005; Page A01
Last week, momentum accelerated in the push to replace federal screeners with private contractors at the nation's airports. FirstLine Transportation Security, a Cleveland-area private security firm, became the first company to win approval for liability coverage under the SAFETY Act, which means that if the firm takes over checkpoints, claims will be capped in the event of a terrorist attack. The move clears a major hurdle in the return of private screening companies.

Afraid of the Dock -- The Gloucester County Times, NJ - Mar 28, 2005
  U.S. Senators Introduce Anti-State LNG Bill --
Sent via email From Mr. Slocum -- This is a dangerous coalition because he is teaming up with major corporate natural gas consumers - it's important to let Sen. Alexander know that we must not trample on the ability of states to decide for themselves whether to grant LNG permits! His phone number is: 202.224.4944

Tyson Slocum
Research Director Public
Citizen's Energy Program 215
Pennsylvania Ave, SE Washington, DC 20003
voice: 202.454.5191
fax: 202.547.7392


GSE-Website - LNG Community Focus Oppose BP LNG Import Terminal in Logan Township NJ. ... Elected officials in Delaware fight to protect CZA law against BP's LNG pier, (Mar 14 2005) ...

Lamar Alexander Republican from Tennesee

Op-Ed: It's the End of the World, and I Feel Fine
For decades, environmentalists pointed to various calamities and boasted that they were identifying the problems, which is the first step for providing a solution. But they were wrong; environmental distress is a symptom of political and economic corruption.

Sen. Alexander / Sen. Johnson introduce anti-state LNG Bill:

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Stop the Noise --
The word Noise, on the other hand, is derived from the Latin word, noxia, meaning injury or hurt. It is defined by the National Institute of Public Health as being "Any sound - independent of loudness - that may produce an undesired physiological or psychological effect in an individual and that may interfere with the social ends of an individual or group." | Effects of Noise on Children's Learning and Health -- Claire Matz

Editorial : No Change In Airnoise --
By FAA definition, we do not have a noise problem... Like other Federal agencies, the FAA is beyond control. Unless and until Mr Castle, Mr Carper, and Mr Biden get together enough support to withhold significant funds from the FAA, they will ignore us. | The Brandywine Community News, DE - April 7, 2003

Residents Ask FAA For More Information --
Gail Van Gilder, of Delaware Greenways, said the FAA already has their minds made up to approve the expansion. She said they need to answer questions from an air noise study conducted in December 2001.| The Brandywine Community News, DE - August 23, 2003

Editorial : Philly’s Airport ; Delaware County’s Problem--
It’s called Philadelphia International Airport, but, truth be told, Delaware County has greater claim to the name. | The Delaware County Times, PA - Mar 10, 2004

West Deptford residents raise noise over runway expansion --
Most homes would be impacted by the noise and air pollution. During the FAA reauthorization last year, Lautenberg and the NJ delegation...

Cheap Air Fares Land In Philly -
It's summer, it's humid and you have vacation days to spare. You're ready for a getaway but, unfortunately, your wallet isn't. Out of luck? ...| The Delaware County Times, PA - Mar 8, 2004

In Depth: Proposed changes at Philadelphia International may have a far-reaching impact on Delco. -
The study into the possible expansion of Philadelphia International Airport may still be in its formative stages, but that doesn’t prevent the controversy surrounding such an idea to continue to evolve. | The Delaware County Times, PA - Feb 23, 2004

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