2005 Weasel of the Year
Jersey Justice PHL-CAW 2005-weasel of the year

John Burzichelli has been named the PHL-CAW 2005 Weasel of the Year. It appears (see map below) that the BP LNG terminal is going to force high volumes of PHL air traffic off of the Delaware River and over his home town of Paulsboro, NJ. Some Jersey justice (FAA style) or just some good ol' what comes around goes around because of no fly zones? Maybe, the 600,000 dollars a year Paulsboro is going to make leasing the BP brownfield to the South Jersey Port Corporation will pay to insulate the homes of his constituents ?

Happy New Year,
Stephen Donato


Below : FAA 2011 noise exposure map from the recently released NY/NJ/PHL Airspace Redesign DEIS. Yellow indicates regions that will see a noise increase. Purple indicates noise will go down. Notice the small purple spot over the location of the proposed BP facility on the Delaware and New Jersey border. What is most disturbing is that this map does not show what the noise contours will look like after the airport is redesigned (3rd runway) to handle the projected 364 operations per hour in 2020.


It seems like the little guy can't catch a break, but special interests can. -- - Dec. 27 ,2005
  NJCAAN Comments On The Metro Airspace Redesign
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recently issued a proposal for revising the flight patterns over the NY/NJ/Philadelphia Metropolitan area. Since the last major FAA redesign in 1987 introduced major noise problems to New Jersey, this new proposal is of great concern. The New Jersey Coalition Against Aircraft Noise (NJCAAN) has preliminarily reviewed the new plan and is appalled by the “Integrated Airspace” and “Modified” concept proposals. These concepts would dramatically increase aircraft noise for hundreds of thousands of people, with especially heavy impact on the residential communities in close proximity to Newark Liberty International Airport and Philadelphia Airport.

The FAA developed the project behind closed doors with aviation industry participation and no participation by the public or environmental regulatory agencies. The interests of people on the ground have been ignored and years of planned noise abatement procedures could be discarded. We are calling upon our elected officials to review potential Federal Advisory Committee
Act (FACA) and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) violations that the FAA may have committed in the project’s development. NJCAAN believes that the FAA should go back to the “drawing board” to create a plan that better serves all interests.

NJCAAN has a detailed assessment of the project on its Internet site at in the METRO AIRSPACE REDESIGN section.

Robert Belzer

Master of Puppets -- 3/20/2005 -- Did The FAA Ignore Another OIG Audit? --
  Don't ask, don't tell ?
Maybe the FAA should have required the City of Chicago to upgrade the safety zones at Midway before handing out 337 million dollars to expand O'Hare last month? FAA asked city aviation officials in the spring of 2004 to submit recommendations for safety zone upgrades at Midway. Senator Lautenberg should be commended for amending this year’s transportation bill requiring upgraded safety zones for all US airports that are not up to current specification. The safety zone provisions were added to the transportation bill by the senator before this latest tragedy in Chicago.

Stephen Donato


Pictured below crash site at Teterboro from Feb 2005 : The plane, with 11 on board, skidded across Route 46 during the morning rush hour striking two cars before slamming into a warehouse. In July 2003, FAA attempted to lift the 100,000 weight limit at Teterboro that would have allowed the 737 Boeing Business Jet to use the runways in this densely populated area.

Click to enlargeSnipped email from Aviation Watch discussing history at Midway... When the plane crashed (at Midway) , as referenced in the attached article, back in 1976....I was the first person on the scene believe it or not. I was working on my ten speed bike (at least pretending to) and power went out in the garage. I jumped on my bike to see where the sound came from and witnessed carnage a 16 yr old does not readily see. 2 homes were leveled right down the block and exploded due to gas leaks after the plane hit them. There was nobody around but me. I was just there on my bike and was looking at something all by myself that was larger than life. 2 exploded homes..plane pieces everywhere. I will leave out the details, but the pilots tried to wave people away as they could not pull it up, said my neighbor... It shows that the FAA can approve things that really don't make sense. Jjust like 10 oz's of traffic will work without a hitch going into the 5oz glass at O'Hare, and thinking only east-west runways will solve all. There is no margin of error built into Midway that is really safe. It shows that maybe Peotone should get off the ground or develop Dupage which has twice the footprint of Midway. O'Hare Expansion Gets $337 Million In Funding
Nov 21, 2005 6:36 pm US/Central
"The Bush administration commits $337 million to modernize and expand O’Hare," Mineta said. Still, with Bensenville facing the loss of 611 homes and businesses, the village president vowed to continue fighting. "They're trying to make it seem like it's a done deal -- nothing is further from the truth. Bad plan. Can't be funded,” said Bensenville President Jon Geils. "This is a wonderful thanksgiving holiday gift to the city of Chicago. Thank you Pesident Bush for your commitment to O’Hare International Airport,” Daley said..

New technology can prevent runway overruns
USA Today - Dec 9, 2005
Sen. Frank Lautenberg, D-N.J., sponsored a measure that will require 284 U.S. airports to have at least 1,000 feet at the end of a runway by 2015. That number is based on an FAA inventory of major commercial airports that don't meet the standard. "It should not take another deadly overrun to convince aviation officials to do something about this problem," Lautenberg said in a statement on Dec. 2. Lautenberg's concern arose out of several runway overruns in his district: at Teterboro Airport.

After Chicago trip, leaders will campaign for changes - The Philadelphia Business Journal 11-28-05
  Is it a bird or a plane?
It was reported today that more pink spots have been seen in the snow in Broomall, PA. A similar incident was reported last week by a Berlin, NJ couple.

More pink snow 

The reporter from NBC 10 called the airport and was told planes had not been deiced since Friday. Another theory suggested by neighbors? Birds eating berries could also be causing the spots. Chemical deicer is sprayed on the aircraft before they fly in poor weather.

Southwest Air Crash Inquiry Starts; Weather Is One Focus -- Bloomberg - Dec 9, 2005
  Pretty in Pink?
It was reported by a Berlin, NJ couple as they returned from church Sunday morning that the snow on their property was speckled with pink colored solution ? Last year a Drexel Hill couple reported that a block ice slammed thru their roof. Jets flying into and or out of PHL are believed to be the source of both incidents.

Don't eat yellow snow Block of ice slams thru Drexel Hill roof

If it wasn't for the light snow fall this most recent coating of ethylene glycol (anti-freeze) most likely would not have been noticed at all.

Mystery of the Pink Snow, PA - Dec 5, 2005

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The word Noise, on the other hand, is derived from the Latin word, noxia, meaning injury or hurt. It is defined by the National Institute of Public Health as being "Any sound - independent of loudness - that may produce an undesired physiological or psychological effect in an individual and that may interfere with the social ends of an individual or group." | Effects of Noise on Children's Learning and Health -- Claire Matz

Editorial : No Change In Airnoise --
By FAA definition, we do not have a noise problem... Like other Federal agencies, the FAA is beyond control. Unless and until Mr Castle, Mr Carper, and Mr Biden get together enough support to withhold significant funds from the FAA, they will ignore us. | The Brandywine Community News, DE - April 7, 2003

Residents Ask FAA For More Information --
Gail Van Gilder, of Delaware Greenways, said the FAA already has their minds made up to approve the expansion. She said they need to answer questions from an air noise study conducted in December 2001.| The Brandywine Community News, DE - August 23, 2003

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It’s called Philadelphia International Airport, but, truth be told, Delaware County has greater claim to the name. | The Delaware County Times, PA - Mar 10, 2004

West Deptford residents raise noise over runway expansion --
Most homes would be impacted by the noise and air pollution. During the FAA reauthorization last year, Lautenberg and the NJ delegation...

Cheap Air Fares Land In Philly -
It's summer, it's humid and you have vacation days to spare. You're ready for a getaway but, unfortunately, your wallet isn't. Out of luck? ...| The Delaware County Times, PA - Mar 8, 2004

In Depth: Proposed changes at Philadelphia International may have a far-reaching impact on Delco. -
The study into the possible expansion of Philadelphia International Airport may still be in its formative stages, but that doesn’t prevent the controversy surrounding such an idea to continue to evolve. | The Delaware County Times, PA - Feb 23, 2004

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