Some Kind of Monster - NY/NJ/PHL Airspace Redesign Litigation Update
A conference call was held Thurs. evening (Nov. 8.) at 6:30pm with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Department of Justice (DOJ) attorneys and representatives from parties that have filed appeals challenging the NY/NJ/PHL Airpsace Redesign Project. Eleven of appeals have been filed in the various federal circuits. A majority of the appeals were filed in the 3rd Circuit. The FAA is trying to consolidate the airspace redesign appeals and have all of them heard in the DC Circuit. No party has yet to oppose the motion to consolidate. The Delaware parties plan to oppose the change of venue as they believe the 3rd Circuit is a more favorable forum for Delawareans.


PHL Capacity Enhancement Program Updates
Philadelphia airport officials announced in June that the PHL Capacity Enhancement Program (CEP) Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) will be delayed for one year pending airspace redesign deliberations. Also mentioned by PHL and DVRPC officials that better highways, rail and diversion of flights to regional airports could also reduce demand. The Capacity Enhancement Program website still has not been updated with this most recent information.

Images above: RNP routes used for noise mitigation into Reagan National (DCA) over Potomac River and JFK 13L.

PHL Part 150 Study Updates
Public notification has not been adequate. PHL says they want the community’s involvement, yet they do very little to notify communities in advance about important meetings. Two meetings were held this past week in Delaware and New Jersey regarding the Part 150 Study (see below for additional information).

The following information was taken from Part 150 website..
A Part 150 Study is a voluntary process initiated by an airport to develop, evaluate and recommend actions that an airport, local municipalities, airlines, and/or the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) could take to help reduce the impact of aircraft noise in communities surrounding an airport. Since the airport has experienced changes in the number and type of aircraft operating at the airport, as well as the current extension of Runway 17/35 and the potential operational changes that may occur due to the FAA’s airspace redesign project; the Division of Aviation is implementing this recommended measure by conducting this update.

Inquiries were made about this study via email to PHL officials back in August as the Part 150 study was mentioned in airspace redesign comments from the FAA. Very little information was received in return from PHL. Meeting dates were not provided at that time and were not forwarded after they had been scheduled. In closing, a little bird has told me that FAA has released an ATC draft and is already starting to make airspace changes around PHL. From what I understand they could go into effect as early as 12/12/07.

Stephen Donato

Being defeated is often a temporary condition. Giving up is what makes it permanent.

Southwest Airlines commits to fleetwide RNP capability
Wednesday May 9, 2007
Nevertheless, Southwest is the largest airline to commit to RNP capability across its entire fleet. Alaska Airlines, which pioneered the development of RNP procedures, previously had made the same commitment. Blakey said 37 RNP approaches currently are available at 17 airports, with an additional 34 scheduled to be in place by year end and another 25 published next year. Delta Air Lines Executive VP-Operations Joe Kolshak was on hand to detail the benefits performance-based navigation has brought to his carrier. DL received approval in March for its 737-800s to fly RNP approaches, joining Alaska Airlines, Horizon Air and Continental Airlines, and ATL has been RNAV-equipped since FY05.

Specter likens US Airways' Pennsylvania plans to 'extortion'

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